We Have Moved —> dandestyles.com

Hi guys!

Apologies for the silence here.

This is to notify you that we have moved.

Yes, like any business, we grow, we make changes and hope for the best.

Just as you have supported me here I would love your support on this other platform as well.

FitnDiscover is now dandestyles.com.


A total rebrand happened with even better content.

Share this widely and follow me there and let’s keep doing this.

This platform will shut down in a few days.

So move house with me will you?


Thank you.



Accessorise to Glamorise!

Being prom season, I thought it best to post fashion tips concerning the same especially since it’s advice that will still apply beyond the season.

A dress alone does not make a prom ensemble. Most of us look at “the big picture” and in terms of prom; it’s all about the dress. You know you’ll likely be photographed more times than you’ll ever be in your lifetime, with the exception of your wedding day, so you want to look fine. Well, the finest you can be – which, is VERY fine.

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Meet The Partners!

Just so you know what I’m talking about, refer to this past post here.

Partnerships/collaborations play such a vital role both in life and in any organisation.

We can’t do everything on our own that’s why we delegate some duties to those who have specialised in certain areas to increase efficiency.

Knowing this fully well, Auddl has sought such partnerships with well-known and highly reliable institutions to make their service delivery smooth sailing.

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