Grey Art

I love what I do because through it I’ve been privileged to meet amazing souls that bore deep into my heart. One of those people is the stylish legal student and bespoke designer, Ken Mutua of Mance Apparel.

I did feature him last year on the #DOTW segment. You can sample it here.

Ken and his friends at Kenyan Vintage came together to do a collaborative project simply described as follows:

This is a collaborative campaign dubbed the #GreyArt. It is a collaborative campaign between Kenyan Vintage and Mance Apparel. What we would call adventure in our city. It is not black nor white, it is an escape from tradition of bespoke wearing. This campaign represents everything Nairobi City is. The Sunflower lapel pin an indicator of City under the Sun.

We embraced tradition aspects and colours of suits by choosing a wide range of blue, representation of blue skies of a city under the sun. We went back in time and chose only to wear knitted ties, we intended to show the former glory of this city.

This campaign also raised awareness about elephant poaching. The lapel pin worn by the lady was intended to raise awareness against poaching. The chequered blazer was embroidered with a springbok, raising awareness and need for protection of the environment. Presence of bicycle as a prop intended to encourage people to embrace alternative environment friendly method of transport.

This grey art campaign seeks to celebrate our city. Our creative ingenuity and our Kenyan spirit. It also intends to challenge young people to embrace the natural resources we have. Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park.

This is simply Grey art. It is neither black nor white. It chooses to embrace each and every person’s preference, black or white. It is accommodating and a step from tradition without discarding the basics. It is simply what life is. It is giving back to a city that has given me an opportunity to realize my ambition. It is also about taking care of what the universe has granted us.

Mutua Mutuku

Creative Director

Mance Apparel

2016-06-05 11.09.12 1.jpg

2016-06-01 10.22.35 1.jpg

Processed with VSCOcam


2016-06-01 10.27.31 1.jpg


2016-06-01 10.11.34 1.jpg


2016-06-01 10.20.09 1.jpg


2016-06-01 10.25.51 1.jpg


2016-06-05 11.31.32 1.jpg


2016-06-05 11.33.42 1.jpg


2016-06-05 11.35.54 1.jpg

How fierce does the chic look?

Let me hear  your thoughts on this.


Yours truly has been nominated under ‘Fashion Stylist of the Year’ category in the Kenya Fashion Awards.


Do take a minute and vote, vote, vote.

Remember you can only vote once so maybe tag a friend and do it together :).

Here’s the voting link:

Have a great week ahead.



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