Antique Vs. Modern Cast

Which Makes A Better Engagement Ring?



Antique engagement rings possess a rare quality that modern rings just cannot match. They mix history with a fine handmade touch injected with the love and artistic values of the era and craftsman.

There are so many stories to be told with genuine antiques and choosing the one to represent your love can be the perfect choice. Because it is a large investment however, you want to make sure you are choosing the right thing by not going down the typical cast engagement ring route.

This is only natural and knowing some of the main benefits of investing in a vintage or antique wedding ring can really help you make your mind up. If you are still on the hunt for a reputable seller with a stunning selection of antique wedding rings, Kalmar Antiques can offer a lot. Visit their website today to see if you can find your perfect genuine antique engagement ring from Kalmar Antiques.

Firstly, however, you need to fully understand what makes the cast wedding rings not so favourable when you’re comparing them to antique.


The downsides to going with cast engagement rings…

If you are buying a diamond cast ring, you will need to be particularly careful of how it’s crafted. If it’s handmade or comes from casting, this will make a big difference. How come?

Because when bigger manufacturers create particular styles of wedding rings, they actually designed them with a computer. Then they are often 3D printed onto a wax mould. After the mould has been made, the next stage is to cast gold/platinum to the ring to produce many copies for mass production.

Apart from not getting something unique, this process is also changing the composition of the metal itself. By throwing molten gold onto the wax moult, you will start to see small bubbles of air or tiny marks. This makes the integrity of the ring weaker.

Another drawback is that the mould is usually made to be thick so that the designer can set a diamond and go on to build the main components of the design. This then spoils the delicacy and intricacy of certain aspects within the design.

So in contrast, what can be some of the benefits to going with an authentic antique wedding ring?

  • You get a completely unique ring you won’t be able to find on anyone else’s hands except your own.
  • The creative process is enhanced as the jewellery invests much more time and effort into ensuring that piece is perfect. It’s no longer a factory process where they must meet targets but something of a more special nature.
  • Even though they may cost more, you are getting an increased level of skill from the jeweller. The designs will be on a different level to what you get with manufacture produced cast rings.

As you can see there are some significant differences between the two options. For something as special as a wedding ring, you want your loved one to cherish this ring forever, so going a step further to invest in a handmade antique ring is definitely worth it.

Has this been helpful to you? What would you rather have?

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