Time Will Tell!

Time will tell whether the work you put in was worth it

Whether the sleepless nights will amount to something

24hrs what you do with yours does matter

Will you sit back and while it away

Or will you rise up and race against it

The appraisal report sure will betray you

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Less than 72 hours to go, how do you plan to surprise your dad?

Most times we act like our dads don’t need the same TLC we give to our mothers and many a time you’ll find you go through life without ever going the extra mile to do something special for your dad.

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Meet The Partners!

Just so you know what I’m talking about, refer to this past post here.

Partnerships/collaborations play such a vital role both in life and in any organisation.

We can’t do everything on our own that’s why we delegate some duties to those who have specialised in certain areas to increase efficiency.

Knowing this fully well, Auddl has sought such partnerships with well-known and highly reliable institutions to make their service delivery smooth sailing.

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Goals x Dreams!

An idea well expressed is a vision to be achieved.

I remember coming up with this phrase years back.

I can’t quite recall what was going through my mind but I know it was one of those highly introspective moments where you are quietly summoning all the power within to come out and serve as an impetus to help you achieve all these wonderful things your mind is brewing.

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You are just bumming in the house, planning your day then you get a notification, “Are you open to come to a wine-tasting event today?” First thought, “Uuurm, not really sure since I don’t drink, I’ve never had alcohol before and I don’t like the taste of wine.” Second thought, “What’s the worst that could happen, let me go see what this is all about, another day another adventure.” Talk about¬†spontaneity. ¬†And just like that friends, I ended up at Slater & Whittaker that evening with Crystal who you should all know by now since she is my official events buddy and we have collaborated on the blog before. You can check out her review here.


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Good Morning!

Today we are going to go on a different gradient from the norm.

I know prom is not as common in Kenya but we have local international schools that have them.

That said, prom is one of the highlights of any high-schooler and that’s why so much fuss is given.

It is because of this that I have partnered up with Sherry London to give you ideas of what to wear on your prom date.

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