Having worked w/ Fit n Discover on outfitting the cast for the commercial we shot and outsourcing personal shopping for my own outfits, I’m in love w/ their work. Their keen eye for detail, out-of-the-box concepts and obvious passion for what they do has made them my exclusive firm for all things fashion & styling.

Victor Muthoka

Working with Winnie is extraordinaire. Her enthusiasm to put all fashion pieces together excites me. I love her zeal and professionalism especially during the Fashion Lounge 3 event that launched Claddi, she was excited and ready to get word around and also do a post event follow up. Anyone looking for a fashion advice, she is the best.

Shane Nesim Muriuki of Adelia Fashion Group

“It’s one thing to purchase clothes and quite another to be inspired while at it. Winnie sells great clothes at such pocket -friendly prices and wraps them in a truck-load of love and inspiration while at it. You’ve got to love her “

Serah Njambi Rono


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