It’s events season again.

It’s always events season in Kenya, more reason why you need to have your own events calendar to help you figure out which events to go to and which one to give a wide berth.

Refer to this past article.

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Yo peeps! (this is me trying to be all hood in your face)

Ok, Hi guys!

Because I’m cool like that and I always make it my business to let you be in the know of up-coming cool events, here goes another one (just write my name on the cheque, thank you 🙂 ).

The JW Fashion TV Show.

Jeffery Wilson

                                                         Jeffery Wilson of JW Fashion TV Show

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Good evening!

This review is coming in abit late thanks to the forces of blogging conspiring to prevent it from going live.

Anyway, May the 19th saw us attending The Miss Kenya Press Release at The Hilton Hotel, Kenya.

It was an exclusive and intimate affair with the members of the Fourth Estate, sponsors and partners being the main guests.

I got to attend with these two lovely ladies Winny and Crystal, both fellow fashion bloggers.

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HIP-HOP FLOW: My Little Denim Wedding!

Good afternoon!

Yes, I attended a wedding. No, it wasn’t mine.

You don’t think I’d get hitched and not tell you guys!!! Anyway, I missed you all, hope you guys have been well. Let me go straight to the post. On October 4th I witnessed the nuptials of two of my good friends, Daniel and Jasmine. This was a highly anticipated wedding and trust me, it didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, it had a dress-code. We had to come dressed in semi-casual wear and it only made sense for us to do so since it was a Hip-hop wedding. Even the bridal party were all in converses ready to bust a move once the DJ did his thing.


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FitnDiscover|Event Review: What I Wore!

A happy evening to all of you.

So this post is coming in a little bit late, but hey, fashionably late if I may say so.

If you’ve been away from the blog, I talked about the Nairobi Elegance Affair by the Bow-tie Events here and here.

Here is a look of what I wore….the skirt, I love the skirt. The colour was what I needed to love it. I love green. Design courtesy of the talented Alex Muchena of Afromoda.

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