PROJECT: Recycled Beauty

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by decreasing the need for “conventional” waste disposal and lowering greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic production.[1][2] Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” waste hierarchy.  


Ideally, a recycled item is supposed to give you a fresh supply of the same material but as explained above, one can opt to reuse instead of developing a similar product and that’s exactly how we went about this.

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I know it’s been awhile.

I feel like I should reintroduce myself lest I become a stranger. Anyway, been really busy with work. This year I wanted to put more focus on my styling job and building my brand as a fashion stylist and it’s been crazy. But y’all know this is home and no matter how long I stay away, I must always come back.

Sometime last month I got a call from the editor of Salon Solutions Magazine asking me if I could come on board and style the cover model for their February issue.

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….and it finally happened.

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, have a look at this. I also did a post on what to wear on the red carpet to act as a guide to the attendees here. Aurum Eve, a guest blogger I featured last week, also did something on Riri Jewellery here. On the eve of the D-day, we had a debate session with guest designers from Botswana on the state of African fashion in light of the competition from the International platform, read more on that here. Enough with the digression.

FAFA 2014-Fashion for Peace Gala finally went down this Saturday at The Oval, Westlands, Nairobi. It was the biggest fashion event of the year and it lived up to its billing. From celebrities, to corporates, sports personalities to fashion enthusiasts, they all graced the show. I was honoured to be among the bloggers and stylists chosen to help out with the event. On the D-day, my post was backstage as a Dresser. I enjoyed the thrill and adrenaline rush that came with the position and also the amazing people I interacted with.

Check out some of the backstage pics I took;



Sports Personality Janet Wanja.

Find her on Instagram @wanjah7






Media Personality and host for the night Grace Msalame

IG: @sowairina 




@mavisaileen & @jennmiguya





Iona Mccreath and Knicco Hodge ready to hit the runway


 CMA Model James giving us a teaser



 CMA MOdel, Mary Were about to do her thing


 Jewellery design by Niku Singh



Bridal Collection by Wambui Kibue of @missangelsmile


 Waithira Kibuchi of Qibuchi posing alongside her design


 CMA Model, Susan Anyango wearing Shenu Designs.


 Some of the male CMA models


 The hosts Maqbul and Grace



 Celebrity Stylist @Conniealuoch


 @Kniccoj warming up for the runway


 @Afromoda and CMA male model


 CMA models




Nyakiige Ndugu and another dresser

 Smile for the camera


 The models looking fierce


 Hair by Shair and Makeup by Suziebeauty



Some of the dressers

More on the red carpet to follow.



#POSTALERT: Designers Masters Class



Meanwhile, I attended the above function at Michael Joseph Centre today where we were honored to have the below talented designer from Botswana, the flamboyant Mothusi Lesolle of the fashion brand iZaura. He came together with his team and together we engaged in a heated debate on whether African fashion has a future in light of the competition it faces from the international platform. It was quite an enlightening discussion which chose not only to focus on the problems but also the solutions to the hurdles we have as at now.


Later on, I had to rush to The Oval, where this year’s edition of FAFA, a fashion charity event will be taking place. I’ll be among the stylists dressing the beautiful models from City Models Africa, run by model extraordinaire, Ajuma Nasenyana, who will be strutting their stuff dressed in our gifted designers collection showcasing at the event.

I leave you with pics of the day’s events:













Until the next time, have a lovely weekend ad don’t forget to give me feedback on the above.




#POSTALERT: FAFA Designers Shoot

Hallo lovelies! I haven’t blogged for two weeks now and I’ve really been feeling bad about it. To compensate for the no-show, I have something interesting for you that I know you’ll definitely love – FAFA DESIGNERS SHOOT.

The Festival of African Fashion & Arts (FAFA), was founded in 2008 by Ann Mccreath. It’s a movement of Kenyan designers aiming to showcase ethical fashion and the values it embodies. In line with this, FAFA is organizing a fashion event on the 31st of May at the Oval, Westlands, where various Kenyan designers are preparing to give us an awesome show. Follow the updates using the hashtag #MeetMeAtFafa.

This Saturday I was honored to be among the bloggers selected to cover the shoot for the program book which is basically a catalogue of designers who will be showcasing at this year’s event, their bio, contacts and what their inspiration for the current collection is. It also contains the FAFA board members and a brief history of the charity supported by FAFA.

Enough with the stories, let’s get down to it. First on the line up we had Ami Doshi Shah a bespoke jewelry designer and maker. Here’s a glimpse of what she has in store for us;


Then we had Wambui Kibue of Angelsmile with this lovely, flowy, peach dress with floral details at the top, quite suitable for that red carpet event. Her theme for the collection is femininity mixed with glamour.


Muna Yemane, is a timeless and iconic fashion label known to mix eclectic elements in a palette of hues. The designs have a distinctly contemporary orientation. The collection ranges from classic to elaborate and unexpected colour combinations. The showcase of its clothing is a vivid representation of the designers personal style: the fusion of traditional African fashion with a global aesthetic paying key attention to silhouette and drape. Muna Yemane honors tradition while remaining relevant in today’s evolving fashion landscape. Her theme for this year’s collection is Tribo-Eclectic in terms of how it has drawn inspiration from various sources with the tribal backdrop being the main focus. Here’s a photo of the talented designer.


Who best to know how a man should dress than a lady? Manciny Migwi captures this in her latest bespoke collection whose theme she dubs, ‘Clash of the Patterns,’ inspired by patterns – stripes, dots, tribal prints, symmetry and geometry. She shows you how the man bag can be accessorised to bring out that bold, professional yet stylish look.



Reknown Ankara Vintage designer Nick Ondu also gave us a taste of what to expect on the big day with this dapper suit for the urban gentleman. The gentleman has never looked any better.



Waithira Kibuchi, another designer to look out for, gave us this high waisted cinched pants with a bustier top. Her collection is an interpretation of the tension between Arab and Western societies. She is also the FAFA Insight 2013 Winner-Emerging Designer Competition.



Shenu Hooda whose African fusion themed collection inspired by the amazing African and South Asian cultures, wowed us, gave us this amazing dress.


Iona McCreath of Kikoti, a high school student, shows us how talent and art is no respector of persons. Her main inspiration for her collection is the youth culture. She incorporates Western trends fusing them with African prints to create a suitable product relevant to her target market. The line is also in aid of the “Hands off Our Elephants” anti-poaching campaign with a percentage of sales donated to this campaign. Who said fashion can’t have a cause?


Silvia Tonui of FAFA also graced us with her lovely presence in this African inspired piece.


These are just but a few of what we have in store for you come the 31st of May. All these would not have been possible without the amazing eyes of our photographer Thomson Ncube of Thomson photography. Go like the page for detailed updates.

Would love to read your comments.

Happy week 🙂

#NEWPOST: Pride Inn Hotels & Conferencing Ad

I got the privilege of working on my first TV Commercial September last year, courtesy of Vision Film International, an ad agency.

I was in charge of wardrobe and makeup.

Here are sample pics of ‘Behind the Scenes.’



It was a really fun experience, got to learn alot.

Below is a link of the full ad:

Feel free to share your thoughts on the same.