Good evening!

If I may just get to it, last year I introduced a segment on the blog called, Designer of The Week, (#DOTW). It picked off quite well and I am really pleased by the amazing local designers I got to interact with and work with.

This year I thought to add another segment but this time focus on my fellow bloggers. So here goes, Blogger of The Week, (#BOTW). The blogosphere is filled with amazing talents each bringing something different on the table, in terms of style and content. This is what I aim to showcase with this segment and just show you the various bloggers we have and hopefully you’ll get inspired by some if not challenged to work on your style.

To start us off is the lovely Vonette Von of The Vonette Way. I have known Vonette for two years now, though we are more of acquaintances. We first met at the Fashion Focus Group held by Ann McCreath at her Kiko Romeo shop and from there we have had on and off interactions both online and offline. I must say I love her style and how she carries herself so I thought to ask her a few questions.

In three words, define your style

Classy, elegant and chic

vonette 3

When and why did you start your fashion blog and how has the journey been so far?

I started blogging in 2011, the journey has been amazing.

I’ve learnt so much over the years.

vonette 2

What do you think makes you stand out from other fashion bloggers?

Wow, that’s a tough question…well I believe every blogger stands out in their own different way. Personally, I believe my style sets me apart. I love bright colours and am always keen on the quality of photos I put up on the blog.

Vonette 1

How would you advise other bloggers when it comes to personal branding? 

Be passionate about your brand,believe in it and you shall succeed.


What’s your most memorable moment as a blogger?

 It’s  being featured in different publications. That’s something that I don’t take for granted. It’s always a humbling moment to just see my photos on newspapers or even seeing myself on TV, gives me so much joy.

What are some of the crucial lessons you’ve learnt in your years as a blogger?

To always be consistent and give out quality content that’s what keeps the readers coming back.


Parting shot?

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

I believe these are words we all need to hear and maybe remind ourselves time and again, especially those days when you are wondering if it’s worth it.

Like I always say, “Be your own cheerleader.”

Are you or a blogger you know interested in being featured?

Hit me up via mail and we’ll proceed from there.

Follow me on Instagram: @fitndiscover.

I have also signed up for Snapchat as @winnieodande, yet to try it.

Follow me we see how that goes.

Mail: fitndiscover(at)gmail(dot)com




  1. Vonetta · May 11, 2016

    Thank you so much for the feature,this is lovely!

  2. Scott Mitchell · May 12, 2016

    She’s so sharp and beautiful. I like the blogger advice “To always be consistent” because I’ve failed so bad in that, trying to find time for everything. Ugh. I need some of hers and your energy

  3. Scrapbookjourneys · May 26, 2016

    Wow Happy to have discovered your blog via Instagram! This is a wonderful initiative-of featuring other bloggers, it shows a great team spirit!
    Keep doing what you do! And to Von- great style and your answers too!Will certainly check out your blog as well:-)

    • FitnDiscover · May 28, 2016

      Thanks for dropping by. You are most welcome if you want a feature too.

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