Good morning!

Because it’s end year and everyone is wrapping up their stuff, for the rest of the week there will be a post each day then we take a slight break and come back in 2016, God willing, rejuvenated and ready to bring you big and better things.

As I end the year I have challenged myself to do the editing of all the posts you will see this week in my quest to at least be knowledgeable in every aspect of my trade.

So forgive me if the quality falls abit short, I’m actually enjoying the challenge and appreciating photographers more.

This is the third outfit look from The Manor 540 shoot location after this and this.

It’s your everyday simple look when you need to grab something quickly and dash out of the house. Colour has always been a valued accessory and it can lift up a dull outfit and make it look vibrant and well-thought out even if it was one of those lazy days looks.

I love colour green and it was just obvious that I pick this cardigan from Store 66 – Fashion the moment I laid eyes on it.

Most times people confuse cardigans and pullovers assuming they are one and the same.


The major difference between a cardi and pull-over is that a cardigan has an open front with buttons or otherwise while a pull-over doesn’t and has to be worn by being “pulled over” the head thus the name.

It can be worn either over a shirt, dress or blouse for a more formal look or if you are going for a casual look just wear it on its own or with a T-shirt of your choice.

I opted for the latter.


Aldo Shoes: Thrifted


Earrings: Jya (0713 373 502)


MUA: Domiana (0724 233 477)


With Jeff my hair-stylist


Photos: @sammuthami

Next time we’ll talk about the hair.

I hope this post has made you a lil’ bit wiser :).

Enjoy your Wednesday!




  1. Crystal Olisa · December 26, 2015

    Congratulations on challenging yourself! That’s amazing, love that you see now that the struggle to get it just right is real. I like the results though, you’re finding your style. What are you using to edit?
    I never knew the difference, just the words lol so thank you for educating me 😊

    • FitnDiscover · December 26, 2015

      I’ve always known it’s work. Now I appreciate the effort more. I just used a random app but a photographer pal, the one who shot my #JungleVazi project has offered to give me a crash course on editing come Jan.

      • Crystal Olisa · December 26, 2015

        Great friend right there. Try VSCOcam, saves you the trouble of having to go full pro in photoshop but gives great results with pro options ie exposure, etc

      • FitnDiscover · December 26, 2015

        Thanks. Will do.

  2. Odero Solo · February 23, 2016

    Pull-over and cardigan…I thought they meant the same thing hehe…at least sasa nimepunguza ujinga

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