I’ve had an eventful week from attending the launch of the Kenya Art Fair last Thursday which was graced by our lovely First Lady where I got to sample various artworks from our locals and I must say I was really impressed, to attending the impressive rebranding of La Casa Designers by Carole Kinoti to #CKCollections at The WestWood Hotel. If you follow me on Instagram (@fitndiscover), you may have noticed the Kenya Art Fair photos. Here are just a few with my own interpretation of the paintings.

Free me from my self-inflicted chains.

                Free me from my self-inflicted chains

Trying Not To Lose Myself

     Trying Not To Lose Myself


              The fleeting beauty of youth…..don’t bank on it

Yes Child! These folds on my face are life's imprints and represent every turn I've made

   Yes Child! These folds on my face are life’s imprints and represent every turn I’ve made

Moving on….

I recently got featured on Fesheni Magazine by the awesome Mweu Nzuki and we thought it cool for you to have an idea of what this lovely magazine is all about.


Having been in existence for a clean 5 years, Fesheni has managed to establish itself as a leading online fashion magazine which seeks to  cover, analyze, comment on, and define the fashion, news, culture, lifestyle, and personalities that drive fashion in Kenya and African Fashion in general.

Issue 1


It aims to promote fashion designers, models, beauticians, stylists photographers, retail outlets and brands that affect the fashion industry in both online and print form to both local and international markets. They are yet to launch the print version but you can follow them online here. Their target group is from 20 to 45 years ranging from middle to upper class.

Issue 2


What differentiates Fesheni from other online fashion magazines is that they have sought to have fashion at the forefront in all their publications, and lifestyle matters et al, taking a back seat.

Issue 3


Here is a glimpse of what to expect on offer:

 Magazine: A magazine published quarterly

 Fashion Blog (www.fesheni.net) – Runs online with articles

ranging from fashion,beauty to hair. We feature designers,

make-up artists, models and all who make the industry


 Events: We cover and log fashion events.

 Make-up for Photo and Video shoots

Newsletter to notify our subscribers of Sales, Events,

Arrivals and Features in the Magazine

Online Shop (www.fesheni.net/mall) – An online shop

featuring designer works, stockists, jewellery, accessories

Issue 4


If you would love to read through the various issues since their inception, click on the links above the images so you can have a feel of their work and  subscribe.

Also do check out a teaser of a project I did here and follow Fesheni on YouTube here.

Till next…..

Stay warm.




  1. Emily Warinda · November 23, 2015

    Niceeeeee, good job girlie 🙂

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