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Today we draw the curtain on the Nyeri series.

For those not in the know, check out this, this, this and this.

Moving on.

If there’s a group that suffers alot from preconceived misconceptions it has to be fashion bloggers.

How many times have people gone ahead to come up with wrong assumptions of who or what you are soon as you state that you are a fashion blogger?

It is this that has inspired today’s post and I just want to debunk some of the myths/lies people believe as far as fashion bloggers are concerned.

Just because I’m a fashion blogger, doesn’t mean:

  1. I’m Anorexic

This is somewhat a pet peeve for me so it’s just proper that I start with it.


Yes, I know guys in the fashion industry tend to do this to themselves but just because I’m tall, slim and in the fashion industry doesn’t mean I starve myself for a living. An oxymoron right there. Maybe, genetics has a case to answer, or maybe I have a medical condition preventing me from adding weight, maybe just maybe, I have a high metabolism, who knows? Personally, I eat alot but I guess my body has a brain of its own and it prefers the fat to be diverted somewhere else instead.

2. I can’t be plump

Who said that being skinny is the standard size for fashion bloggers? Diversity is the spice of life and what makes blogging interesting is how the different personalities, body shapes and sizes interpret their style. So you can imagine my anger when one day a blogger pal told me of the cyber-bulling they experienced because of their size. We can’t allow ourselves to be that shallow. Who passed that bill?


3. I’m a Snob

Granted, there are those of us who are bonafide snobs and so stuck up but not all of us. The many times I’ve met with people and their first reaction is, “Wow, I honestly thought you are this snobbish, spoilt brat before I met you.” And my response is always, “Huh! What did I ever do to make you think that?”


4. I’m Vain

Yes, we talk alot about shoes, clothes and bags but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a material girl. This just happens to be my job so by essence I’ll talk about these stuff. So don’t confuse my love for such things with vanity fair.


5. Legally Blonde

Yes, I understand the state of current affairs. Yes, I can actually hold an intelligent conversation so no, you don’t have to talk shallow with me or stick to fashion matters alone because my mind can’t fathom anything else. My occupation doesn’t define my intelligence.


6. I’m Perfect

Okay, can we just agree on this one? I’ve talked about this before and granted, we are held at a higher pedestal because of what we do but by virtue of the fact that we are humans, our perfect imperfections will always raise their pretty ugly heads. It’s what makes life beautiful.


7. I’m High Maintenance

On the contrary, I  think we are quite the opposite because we can smell a sale miles away and trust me when we go to the flea markets we dig like our lives depend on it. The fact that we are always smart and prim doesn’t mean that all our money goes into shoes and clothes. We just know how to look good at a budget & we have financially planned ourselves but then again, high maintenance is relative.

DSC_26488. I’m a model

No hunnay!

The only modelling I do is on my blog and on the streets because I was told the street is my runway :). Modelling is a career on its own. While what we do is an aspect of modeling and we can even do it professionally, it doesn’t make us one.

DSC_2626I only had time to put down these but if you have more you can note them on the comment box.

Photography: Vince Njuguna

MUA: Louise Kamina

Accessories: Pryde Artz

Location: Sangare Country Homes and Resort

Outfits/Styling: Winnie Odande

DSC_2618 DSC_2630

You can also check out my feature by Fesheni Magazine here and YouTube Vlog here

Is there anything you feel I need to articulate on the blog, do leave me a comment below or by via mail: fitndiscover@gmail.com.

Till next….

Stay Calm.




  1. estilistagraciemj · November 10, 2015

    Nice read Winnie, telling the truth like it is. I wish people would consider fashion bloggers as normal people like any other persons. estilistagraciemj.wordpress.com

  2. Jackie · November 10, 2015

    You have nailed this one Winne. Thumbs up.

  3. Mercy · November 10, 2015

    OMG!!Thank God you talked about it,people think i don’t eat or am on a diet,i eat healthy but being skinny has nothing to do with it,guys should just chill…its so annoying.Good read Winnie.

    • FitnDiscover · November 10, 2015

      There’s a day someone actually gave me less food because ‘I’m in fashion’ & we don’t eat.

      • Mercy · November 20, 2015

        That’s really bad

      • FitnDiscover · November 20, 2015

        I was speechless. I just looked at them & moved on.

  4. Cara Siskova · November 10, 2015

    Beautiful photos; love those shoes. And yes honey, preach it! LOL people here don’t even get the concept of blogging in the first place…. le sigh.

  5. Emily Warinda · November 10, 2015

    Well, hey there pretty lady….. First things first, you look INSANELY fierce girllllllllllllll looooooooooove the ensemble and your make-up…. First time here and I must say i’m so happy I found this blog………. Keep doing you hunny and the key flecks were so on point i could literally picture you speaking even though i’ve never met you. Keep going mama…… only way is up, and as long as you are happy, everything else comes second 🙂 🙂 hugs XX

    • FitnDiscover · November 10, 2015

      haha! Such a mouthful, grab a sit & get a cuppa.

  6. winniethefashionista · November 10, 2015

    I know, right? We are just like everybody else.

  7. Milly · November 10, 2015

    Such a beautiful look and the post made me giggle a little bit cos i can totally relate withthe model part! But thats the truth behind it dear..
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Scott Mitchell · November 11, 2015

    Looking beautiful as always and I loved reading your article. I’m glad you’re not an anorexic, perfect, high maintenance, blond, vain snob lol (I already knew that.) It’s funny how some people view models and others in the fashion industry.

    • FitnDiscover · November 11, 2015

      haha, I guess the misconceptions come with the job. Thank you for always checking in.

  9. Dennis Cheggeh · November 11, 2015

    Good job Winnie

  10. Crystal Olisa · November 12, 2015

    Absolute gorgeous! And I totally agree with every single thing on that list. I keep getting asked if I have model ambitions and I want to shoot someone each time 🔫🔫

  11. Ms. Shee Art · November 17, 2015

    it was a funny read, as much as the details were point on, i couldn’t help smile to most of them 😛
    a lot of those hating wish they could eat and still maintain a certain weight lol i am not hating but i wish i could eat as much and get a flat belly 😛


    • FitnDiscover · November 17, 2015

      Not that mine is also that flat. I just know how to dress it & I’ve perfected the art of tucking in when necessary :-).

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