Hi there November!

December is right on your tracks.

I always love the start of a new month, maybe because it always feels like the dawn of a new day and in it lies the hope of a fresh start or a continued rhythmic dance if you had started well.

My November couldn’t have started any better, grateful to God for the opportunities and the amazing people He’s bringing my way.

One of those people happen to be the lovely, award-winning make-up artist called Domiana.

I first saw Domiana during an event that was organised by fellow blogger Reina Kimeu. We didn’t even interact, little did I know that a few weeks down the line I’ll be working with her on a styling project and later on form a firm friendship.

Domiana & I

                                                                          Domiana & I

Fast forward to todays’ post, I have a planned shoot for tomorrow, side-note (I haven’t done a shoot in like 3 months) mainly because I’m at that point where we all usually get to at times where you wonder whether you still want to continue blogging or not or you just feel like shutting down and reappearing whenever, or not.

I’ve still been making random posts here and there so it may have been hard for you to notice but it’s been taking all of me to do them.

But here we are again.

When Domiana heard that I have a shoot tomorrow and an event on Saturday, she called me up for a special treat, to do my nails.

Can I hear an Amen to such friends?


Honestly, being a blogger is just one of those awesome things.

Don’t we just love freebies? 🙂

Don’t be ashamed now, you can say yes.

I know I did and so today I was at her salon early in the morning getting my acrylic nails on.

It is quite a process, we spent a cool two hours just doing the whole thing with her giving me a step by step tutorial of the process and I figured this would be cool  for a blog-post.  Trust a blogger to always see a post in everything. I guess once one always one.

I’ve never done a nail post before, so here goes.


When it comes to the tools, you have to be really careful with what you are using and they also need to be well-maintained. There are specific brushes for acrylic application so don’t think of using your makeup brushes even though there seems to be some resemblance.



                                                                         Nail brushes


                                                                       Nail files & Buffering file


                                                                             Cuticle Tools



We first took a before shot of my nails. I have the really fragile type of nails. They hardly ever grow long and when they do, they always find a way to chip off sometimes without cause.


No, I don’t eat my nails. Never have.

I guess all the length went to my height.

Blame my dark knuckles on my mum.


She fixed the nails and started shaping them by filing. The nails are fixed halfway as opposed to from the roots.



Then to give the illusion that they are your nails, or what they call ‘adding another layer of nails’ she applied a mixture of a liquid monomer and powder polymer paste which actually hardens to look like another thick nail. It provides continuity to the whole thing.




After which gel polish is applied.

I chose colour black there are a myriad of colours to choose from.

I love the elegance that comes with black nail polish.


After which you insert your hands in a UV Lamp which acts as a drying agent for the gel polish.


Ring: Pryde Artz


To spice it up, I wanted a touch of green glitter because hey, I love green.



I promise you, it’s pure coincidence that I was also in black and green at that time :).


There you go.

So forgive me if for the next few days I’ll only be talking with my hands and taking all my poses with my nails visible.

What I love about acrylics is that they actually stay for long, if you don’t touch water as much, they should take you for a cool 3 weeks.

How about that?

If you need this service, feel free to contact Domiana here: +254 724 233 477

Good thing is she can also do house-service so why doncha?

Has this post been helpful or has it even in a small way sparked your interest for some mani-treat?

Be a good spot and tell me in the comment box, also share it to friends who you think might love this.





  1. Mercy · November 5, 2015

    Lovely,but i do a lot of chores ,this will probably not work for me….I love the glitter too

    • FitnDiscover · November 5, 2015

      Me too but it will still push you for awhile.

  2. Crystal Olisa · November 12, 2015

    Looove the nails! I’ve been dying to get this done so now I really think I will. Staying away from water tho, hmm ..

    • FitnDiscover · November 13, 2015

      You should. I’m actually testing them by sticking to my regular chores so I see how long they’ll go. It’s been a week + & they are still intact & in good condition.

      • Crystal Olisa · November 25, 2015

        How long did they eventually last?

      • FitnDiscover · November 25, 2015

        Imagine they are still on, and I put them on the 4th. Totally worth it.

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