Either we have really cool, impressionable designers here in Kenya or I’m the one who is always lucky enough to interact with them. How I came to know of Ken is when one day I was in need of a male designer for an outfit and Bryan Emry, fellow stylist, recommended him to me.

I called him up, we talked, met and just hit it off from then henceforth.


                                                                 Ken Mutua of Mance Apparel

He’s been really helpful in helping me out and always goes out of his way to satisfy the client which is definitely a plus. I also love that he embodies what he represents because as soon as you meet him trust me, you will know he’s a designer. From the sharp, crisp, bespoke suits to unique ties and classic shoes, the guy knows his style.

Mance Apparel is a line which was born out of frustration to get a well fitting suit, for different body types at an affordable price. They deal with highly personalised bespoke suits and apparel associated with it , well cut, well fitting and  very appealing to the eye.

Thorough research is done by the creative head before it can be put on paper . Their clients gets the pleasure to pick from over two hundred pieces of fabrics available. The custom-making of the suits is so great that even identical twins can not wear the same suit. The differences are taken into a microscopic view and it includes the name of the wearer.

When it comes to his recent rugby-themed collection, this is what Mutua had to say:

I have a very soft sport for the rugby sport. There are two green suits, one has an emblem with 3 CCC, that is a region in New Zealand called Canterbury, rich in rugby ethos. The same suit doesn’t have pockets, instead we have lines resembling rugby post lines. The colour of the suit is green, resembling the pitch.

The green suit worn by the chick again resembles the pitch. On the arms we have IRB emblem, that is the world rugby body. At the arms you notice a triangular shape, that is the shape that is formed between the ball, and rugby post when a rugby score is being converted .

The rest of the suits indicate an attire that gives an individual confidence to stand up for themselves, deal with loss, fight for goals against innumerable odds, earn respect and peer acknowledgement. In short a gladiator dressed up for the corporate world to conquer.

Below is a preview of the collection which is also quite coincidental considering the Rugby World Cup has just ended, and so has the local rugby tourney, at Impala floodlights.

This was quite a fresh idea inspiration and I loved how he executed it.

What do you think?















Make sure to like his Facebook page and inbox him for orders because we need to #BuyKenyaBuildKenya.

He’s also going to be present for Saturday’s event which I talked about here.

Do you have your tickets yet?

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Remember if you want to be featured, just drop me mail on fitndiscover@gmail.com.

Let’s make the local fashion industry not just trend but also grow.

Till the next post.

Stay local 🙂



  1. Mutua Mutuku · November 2, 2015


  2. DruHakim · November 3, 2015

    The best in the Industry, Salut #ManceApparel we keep going and going, Mutua Mutuku go all the way, no stopping for nobody #Legoo

  3. Ms. Shee Art · November 3, 2015

    oh, shut the roof up!
    i donth think i have seen anything cooler for a while (though secretly, how different and breathtaking would it have been if it was all you in those suites, so cool and 100% different)


    • FitnDiscover · November 4, 2015

      lol, Ms.Shee! You may just see me in one of those. 🙂

  4. Mercy · November 4, 2015

    Wow!So classy and clean ,i love the small details making the entire suit unique

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