Yo peeps! (this is me trying to be all hood in your face)

Ok, Hi guys!

Because I’m cool like that and I always make it my business to let you be in the know of up-coming cool events, here goes another one (just write my name on the cheque, thank you 🙂 ).

The JW Fashion TV Show.

Jeffery Wilson

                                                         Jeffery Wilson of JW Fashion TV Show

Guys, this is the event on everyone’s lips right now. No one wants to miss out because why, it’s one of a kind. When was the last time you attended an event that’s dedicated to men only?

Uuuurm, never?

I thought so.


When Jeffrey Wilson told me about it I didn’t even hesitate, I was game. Mainly because I have attended other events he’s organised and they have always lived up to the billing and this one just excites my fashion buds that this cold weather ain’t gon’ mess it up for me.


First things first.

The JW Fashion TV Show is going to happen on the 7th of November at The Shift Eye Gallery from 7-11pm. Be sure to keep time because doors will be locked after 7pm. They have a theme for each show and this years’ theme is ‘Mens Collection’ so from the designs and automatically the models, it’s all going to be guys. They are going to have a panel of three judges and a moderator, which by extension, just means that this is a competition. There are 8 designers who will be showcasing that night and one stands to be eliminated. I asked JW what criteria they used to come up with the designers and he told me they were looking for young designers who can sketch, sew, cut and come up with a complete product. They have walked with the designers all through in the build up to this event and that is what is going to inform their decision of who is going to be eliminated. What’s even better is that they are not charging any showcasing designer any fee whatsoever, about time, right?

How the designers are going to benefit from this show is because JW and his team will walk with them even after the show and they will help them get market for their products and even for the show itself we have guys flying in from Paris whose sole intention is to come and seek for talent they can work with.

Win-win situation friends.

I know you’re probably wondering what will happen to the other seven who will remain, well, how about you come and find out for yourself, yes?


Just so you believe this show is going to be top-notch, he has enlisted the services of Kenya’s finest male models like Erick Apiyo, Ken Fredrick, Alvin Styles, Ken Tout, Eragon Whispers among others. Real Letoya Johnstone, top model choreographer is also going to be there managing backstage. Several partners have come on board to support the venture like Couture by Maggy, Make Up by Rose, IMAX, Creme Magazine among others.


So definitely, it is worth the hype.


I also got to interview JW and the team a couple of days ago unfortunately the video had some sound problems so I couldn’t upload it.


But here are some behind the scenes from the interview with photos by Kevin Mafumbo and make-up by Antoninah of Make-up by Rose..

Yours Truly :)

                                                                                  Yours Truly 🙂








There you have it guys.

Remember the event has a dress code.

It’s either black-tie or #MadeinKenya.

If you don’t know what black-tie is, google my friend or better still, I may just do a post on that to educate you and help you with it.

You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

Tickets are also running out because guys are buying alot so better get yours asap. You can inbox me or contact me via my social media accounts for tickets.

November 7th.

Save the date.






  1. Scott Mitchell · October 30, 2015

    Awesome post!

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