You are just bumming in the house, planning your day then you get a notification, “Are you open to come to a wine-tasting event today?” First thought, “Uuurm, not really sure since I don’t drink, I’ve never had alcohol before and I don’t like the taste of wine.” Second thought, “What’s the worst that could happen, let me go see what this is all about, another day another adventure.” Talk about spontaneity.  And just like that friends, I ended up at Slater & Whittaker that evening with Crystal who you should all know by now since she is my official events buddy and we have collaborated on the blog before. You can check out her review here.



Now meet Jean Wandimi, our lovely host and blogger, who also happens to be a Bake 2015 Best Food Blog nominee, check out her blog here.

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I love the ease with which Jean did her walk through. Crystal and I are both non-drinkers so she was basically talking to newbies. Somehow, she was able to make us feel so at ease and within minutes we actually got the drill and I can now confidently, start a conversation on wine, well not for long though.


I took this photo, I love it 🙂

Jean started by giving us a brief history of Slater & Whittaker which was formed in 1939 and the store in Kenya is only 3 weeks old, with their main emphasis based on being a retailer rather than a bar, thus the small, intimate place. SW boasts of stocking the best wines like Golden Kaan, KWV from South Africa among others. So you can definitely hit them up if you want to stock up on your collection.


Each week, they have what they call the ‘Wine of The Week’ and how they make it known to their clients is by placing them on a staircase stand somewhere at the corner, as seen below.


They also stock a variety of spirits some of which had very interesting packaging. I would have probably bought them just so I could have the bottles, they were quite fancy. Some actually looked like hair sprays or shampoo bottles than wine, I’d probably not pick those coz that thought that I’m drinking hair spray would haunt me till the last drop.






After the mini tour, it was only proper that we proceed to our area and I sure did love the setup. Please take me back.


We had some bitings on the side because one is not supposed to take wine without having eaten anything and two, since it was a wine-tasting event, the snacks helped in clearing our palettes when we switched from one drink to another. I kinda got carried away with the fruits and crisps though :).



We sampled the Golden Kaan Chardonnay 2014, a very light and airy white wine and the Cabernet Sauvignon, which was the red wine with a strong after-taste, which Jean told us is commonly known as a “finish.” Now you know too.

There were steps to tasting the wine, first you hold it against a white sheet of paper to see its colour definition, then you smell it, then swirl it, then sip it. Both of them had a strong hint of some fruity flavour in them combined with whatever else that was used. Another thing is that when holding the wine glasses, you hold them by the stem so that your body temperature doesn’t interfere with the wine. I preferred the white wine ti the red wine, though it still had a strong finish for me.

Now that we are done with class, how about we have some blogger fun, yes?










So yes, that is how our evening was set up. Apologies for the photos overload, the ones I have left are just as many :).

I went for a denim zipper dress that I have worn before here since I was afraid of the weather and didn’t want to walk around with something heavy. Actually this was the 4th time I was wearing this dress since I got it last year. I should wear it more. Then my neckpiece was by Jya Onyango and my bracelet from Merab’s.

This is my first ever post of this kind and would love to hear your views. Was I extensive enough, has it helped you, should I keep this up or nah? You know I always heart your thoughts.

Photo Creds: Crystal Olisa

#SpoilerAlert, another wine related post is coming soon (evil grin).

Keep warm.



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