I’m always amazed by how life is. You meet someone, you connect, at that point you are both kinda trying to find your footing on your career paths then a few days, weeks, months, years down the line, you meet this person again and they are literally making headlines. That just blows my mind away.

I get so impressed by such persons and that is exactly what happened with Nyakiige. We met at last years FAFA: Fashion for Peace Gala where we were both backstage dressers, trying our hands on this fashion business and what better place than at FAFA?

So you can imagine my shock when during this year’s Kenya Fashion Awards, I see these designs that totally blew me off perfect execution, out of the box thinking as far as jewellery designs on the local  runway scene is concerned, attention to detail and then some, only to learn that the designer is none other than Nyakiige. It was a proud moment I must say. I was screaming inside, like “I know her.” You should too.


Nyakiige Ndugu & Model Choreographer, Letoya Johnstone

A holder of a B.A. Design (Interior Design) from the University of Nairobi, Nyakiige loves colour therapy, innovation and creativity. She has the confidence to design items that stand out and tell past tales, present activities and future dreams. As a young girl, she wrote poetry and made outfits for her dolls. Her deep passion for creativity grew when she did Art and Design in High school and graduated at the top of the Art Class. Prior to joining Nairobi University, Nyakiige studied graphics design at the Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts. An alumnus of the Creative Entrepreneurship at the Go Down Art Centre, she is currently concentrating on her Nyakiige Ndugu brand where she continues to thrill her customers with her designs .
Her designs tell stories, evoke emotions and express thoughts and ideas. Nyakiige considers the over-all look and function of the design from how it should be styled down to the shade of lipstick that would bring the design to life. She is committed to bringing happiness and freedom to the consumers of her creations. She always aims to create designs that make the world a better place and show the beauty of Africa





Enters The Hang’i Festivity.

The collection titled The Hang’i Festivity is inspired by everyday Nairobi and Kikuyu aesthetics. The hang’i are the large circular ear pieces worn by married women in the Agikuyu community. The designer explores her heritage and her everyday environment. The collection marries the delicate tribal female and the androgynous, street savvy female. The use of tyres in various shapes for different accentuations appreciates the fast paced Nairobi life. The use of tyres is also an aim to recycle the very readily available material. The calabash, banana fibres, maize cob fibres, cowrie shells spice up the collection with Kikuyu chic. The brass and stone beads radiate timelessness and structure. The techniques used include wire manipulation, carving, weaving, macrame, metalwork and bead-work.

The designer chose earthy, timeless colours for the collection: Gold, black, brass, chocolate brown, beige and a maroon that reminds you of deoxygenated blood.
The apparel designed to be worn by the accessories are muted having all white looks and one basic black sleeveless midi dress. The fabrics used are cozy jerseys, tulle, stiff netting, lace and a structured matte satin. The clothing takes the Nyakiige Ndugu woman through her different life journeys. There are body-con midi looks, loose fitted shirt dresses and kaftans, tutu skirts, long flowy skirts, cozy pants that can be worn everyday.

Isn’t that just impressive?

Yes, that’s how much talent we have in Kenya and if we could only support it for it to grow to its highest heights.

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Lovely rest of the week.



  1. Cara Siskova · October 22, 2015

    Beautiful head-turning designs indeed. So much talent!

    • FitnDiscover · October 22, 2015

      Yes they are! And she’s just a newbie in the industry.

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