Today we veer off from the usual all-out fashion post and talk about lifestyle matters abit.

Apologies, this is coming in abit late.

I had so much on my plate forgot this event had a time slot. Luckily, the initiative itself is on-going so you can still jump on the bus.

If you are a woman, you will totally understand the importance of this initiative. You may be coming from the more fortunate side and probably have little -zero idea of how girls on the other side of the wheel are dealing with this but trust me, it ain’t good.

_MG_4636Picture this, you’re in your menses, your cramps are roaring like a tornado yet you still have to wake up and be a girl. You probably have chores to do or school to go to. Then on top of that, you have to deal with the fact that you don’t have sanitary pads. Not because you’ve run out or you intend to get them later, but because you actually don’t have access to one and you have to make do with tissues, cotton wool or old clothings.

Not pretty at all.


Sounds far-fetched but this is actually the reality for most of our school-going kids whose parents live on a dollar wage daily and buying things like pads is actually a luxury.

And this is where the Pendo Africa Initiative comes in.

I got their email sometime last month asking me to come on board and participate, they were actually holding a funds drive but due to a backlog of stuff, I delayed in sharing this. Not to worry though, you can still contribute to ensure that our girls don’t face the embarrassment of stained uniforms and infections from using unhygienic and improper items during their periods by chipping in and donating to this cause.

_MG_4672Pendo Africa is running a reusable sanitary pads donation drive that is aimed at helping 4, 424 girls selected in 27 schools within Kericho County.


Why Kericho, you may ask.

This is because their founder comes from there and what better way to begin a charity drive than at home? They intend to spread to other parts of the country though.

_MG_4639You can also make a donation by using their Mpesa, Airtel money or Paypal here:

_MG_4686Let’s change the narrative of these girls and help one shilling at a time.

_MG_4664And because I know we have so much love as a country, I believe we will share this post far and wide because every share might just buy us that one pad for that one girl who needs it.

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Picture this,



  1. Crystal Olisa · September 7, 2015

    Very cool initiative, love this!!

    • FitnDiscover · September 8, 2015

      Yes Crystal! Sad that these kids have to go through this.

  2. Mercy · September 8, 2015

    Reblogged this on Suburban stylist by Mercy Kariuki and commented:
    Let’s help the girl child ,let’s join

  3. Mercy · September 8, 2015

    It’s sad to know that these problems still happen in 2015.I’ll re blog this and participate too.

    • FitnDiscover · September 8, 2015

      Yes Mercy and thanks on behalf of the girls.

  4. Ms. Shee Art · September 8, 2015

    such a beautiful cause.
    bless you ma’

    • FitnDiscover · September 8, 2015

      Thank you Ms.Shee! You can share it to spread the word.

  5. Meron Dymphana · September 16, 2015

    Am all for the girl child 24/7. It’s a pity that one should go through the embarrassment of stained clothes and not counting the cramps. Thanks for blogging about this.

    • FitnDiscover · September 16, 2015

      Totally. It’s one of those unfortunate things we shouldn’t be dealing with in this time & age.

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