Hello readers!

Honestly, at times I struggle finding the right opening note and instead prefer to just get into the post. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in how you guys are doing though :).

This being the wedding season, I bring you something different on the blog tonight.


PCS2I collaborated with Lorna Abwonji of Mia Mara Creations to show you a fusion of modern and tradition as far as bridal styling is concerned.


Now more than ever, we are becoming more conscious of our culture and we are embracing it in our regular wear creating interesting work of art in the process. It is in the quest to hold on to these cultural practices and items that the movement #OwnYourCulture by fellow blogger and fashion entrepreneur, Chepkemboi Mangira of Miss Vavavum, was formed. It seeks to show different ways that these items can be worn to wear our culture with style and pride, preserving our cultural heritage in the process.

So when Lorna, asked me to come and help with styling her bridal wear in support of the Maasai women, I could not turn down the offer.

I loved the fact that in as much as the jewellery are traditional, the modern woman can easily don them without feeling off especially considering the fact that they go with most outfits. The idea is to keep the rest of your look as minimal as possible so the jewellery can be a statement on their own.

Gone are the days when a White wedding in all its form was the ideal, now people have become more adventurous and are experimenting with the various cultures. So tonight, I show you just how you can accessorize your wedding gown and after party dresses with these beautiful Maasai pieces.


Lorna getting her makeup done

BTSMaasai’s always go over the top with their accessories but we kept it simple, in consideration of the modern woman who may not be all charmy with the idea.














JI think the accessories really made the gowns stand out and added a sparkle on the faces of the models giving them a certain radiance that only cultural pieces can.

What do you think of this fusion and would you give it a try?

Makeup by the amazing Elizabeth Oduor of Azil.

Also, remember to tag #ownyourculture in your posts when you wear a cultural piece for a chance to be featured on their page.

Have a cultural weekend and remember to follow me on Instagram —> @fitndiscover :).

Photos: Valerie Mwango





  1. Cara Siskova · August 29, 2015

    Really beautiful. Every single piece is just perfection! Lovely models and photography as well!

  2. Crystal Olisa · August 29, 2015

    Love the styling! Never thought of this for a wedding but it looks great. Definitely something a girl can pull off and look fab! 😃😃

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