Hallo #TeamFnd!

My days have become so busy it’s become abit tricky keeping up with the blog but I will definitely find a balance. For those who don’t know, I’m also a stylist and that is what has been holding me hostage these past few days, I’ll share glimpse and pieces of it all.

On  today’s’ post, one of my fave segments on the blog, I get to feature GnM Trends, a two-man brand formed in March 2013, by two designers and entrepreneurs namely Gitau George and Macharia Micheal, (hence the abbreviations of the brand name.)


A few months ago I was sourcing outfits for a local male celebrity and my search landed me at the doorstep of these talented duo. I got to meet with one half of the duo, Michael Macharia, and was taken aback by his pleasant personality, ease with which we connected and just seeing him in his element there was no doubt this was meant for him.

Michael tells me they started out as childhood friends growing up in the same environment and coincidentally sharing the same interest; building a workable wardrobe of their own. They would toil looking for unique fabrics and pestering local tailors to at least gain knowledge in fabric cutting and basics of sewing, till after attending their first fashion event that they got a strong conviction that they can actually take their fashion interests a step further, and thus GnM Trends was created.


EAFW 2014 (Debut Event)

The main aim of GnM was to establish a brand that puts more emphasis on details and quality of its products to suit and bring out the outer stature of its clients.
GnM Trends specialises on finely cut, made to measure suits with an emphasis on its clients silhouette to not only suit them but transform them into epitomes of elegance.

Their most recent collection  ‘Shades of Gray,’ which they got to showcase at the East Africa Fashion Week 2015 event is a stunner in more ways than one. So much so that some of their pieces were actually sold out on the runway. They were also recently nominated in the just concluded KENYA GLAMOUR AWARDS in the category – EMERGING MENSWEAR DESIGNERS OF THE YEAR where they emerged 1st runners up, not shabby at all. From celebrities to regular individuals, these two have dressed them.

Here’s their explanation for the inspiration behind it:

Every man needs that suit that he just can’t seem to get out of since  it effortlessly blends with every place he checks in. Setting out in search of this “mastermind suit” we trended upon the colour gray which seemed to serve the trick.
We found it perfectly balancing sophistication and neutrality to suite both the conservative and outgoing man in its hues and patterns; and we couldn’t wait to show our esteemed clients how it nails impeccable elegance.

A glimpse in to the ‘Shades of Gray’ collection:





1433250769992No doubt, these boys are going far and when you look at such young talent and the amazing potential and growth they have, you can sit back and smile for there is yet hope for our industry. The future is only B.R.I.G.H.T.

Facebook: GnM Trends
Twitter:  @gnm_trends
Instagram: GnM_Trends
Email: gnmtrends@gmail.com
Website: gnmtrends.sosiotech.com
Phone: +254 724 424 684 / +254 715 861 111

Remember, if you want to be featured as a ‘Designer of The Week’ (DOTW), you can hit my inbox, fitndiscover@gmail.com and we’ll continue from there.

Till next, keep it #TeamFnD.



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