So I’m back again with my weekly dose of ‘Designer of The Week.’

This is the 3rd feature since I started it and I must confess, I’m loving where this journey is taking me and the awesome designers I find myself connecting with.

To be in the know, refer to this and this.

I have created a platform now it’s up to you designers to utilize it, hit me up via mail if you want to be featured —> fitndiscover@gmail.com.

Allow me to introduce to you this week’s designer, Ole Makau Samuel, vibrant designer behind Avadore Clothing.


I stumbled on his work on Instagram and was wowed by his creativity and how he has managed to capture the urban market.

As I got to interact with him, I learnt that Avadore Clothing was found in June 2013 after having previously worked with a Film firm.

The name Avadore is a combination of two words, “Ava”, Spanish slang for love and “adore” which means a strong like or desire for something. Hence Avadore, which basically translates to “LOVE & ADORE FASHION.”

Below is his explanation of what his brand is about:

The aim of Avadore is to provide freedom to styles that can reflect individual’s mindset through fashion. Avadore is the bridge between the high end and urban fashion. What makes us different from other clothing lines is that we focus on the current change of the fashion style rather than print style. We wanted to focus on designing the textiles and the patterns of clothes, rather than printing images or graphics on a computer. This methodology has allowed Avadore to break into the industry and allow us to focus on the fashion I love; the shape and the colors of the clothes.

Smart, ain’t it?

Here’s a sample of his work….













He’s currently online based and you can follow him on Instgram –> @avadore_clothing to make your orders and see more of his awesome work.

Make sure to tag a designer you know in this post for a chance for them to be featured.

Have a great week.



  1. roydbosire · August 5, 2015
  2. Peter mutunga ( Mr.Rocky) · August 5, 2015

    nice job bro, am gona motivate my friends here and abroad for markets

  3. Peter mutunga ( Mr.Rocky) · August 5, 2015

    nice job bro, am gona motivate my friends here and abroad for markets. keep the fire burning.

  4. Cara Siskova · August 13, 2015

    Fantastic designs. I like the concepts!

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