It’s a new era in fashion, there are no rules – Alexander McQueen

I bet we are all familiar with the phrase, “Rules are meant to be broken, right?”

Just like everything else fashion also has its rules which have to be strictly adhered to, okay I lie, not strictly but at least followed to some extent. What makes fashion fun is that it’s unique to each person and therefore, there’s room to play around with it and come up with something, well, unique :).

As far as fashion is concerned, diversity really is the spice of life.

Break the rules, a little.

For the No.1 rule of fashion as they say is wear what you want to wear, within reason though :).

Unfortunately, some of us misuse this free pass to be creative and end up breaking fashion rules that fall under the “To be followed” tab which in turn instead of making your final look seem like a work of art, it ends up making us ask ourselves, “What was going on here?”

Ever had those instances?

Times when you look at someone and you just can’t decide whether they were confused, they are pulling a prank or they were actually serious when they stepped out. The next question then becomes, “Do these people have friends and family?

I know, we’ve all been there once in a while. So allow me to compile a list of things you should not be caught doing/wearing in Fashionville Street. Some may be personal preference but hey, this is the benefit of having your own platform to speak, you kinda can be biased abit  *chuckles.*


1. Wear Tights as Pants

Can I get a witness?

Talk of serious eyesores.

Tights are meant to be accessories, they are not to be worn on their own. What happened to the good ole’ denim or regular pants? Pretty please, stop this, especially those who go the extra mile of even wearing them with short/crop tops. If you must, do leggings but not tights, yes, there’s a difference. #sigh

ttt2. Do Over-sized Clothes

Ok, so there are times when loose-fit clothes actually look good. Don’t get carried away though, (pun intended), proportions do matter. Fashion is all about fit and proportion. We don’t want you looking like a scarecrow, neither do we want to think you are in need of relief aid if you are on the skinny side like me :).

Told you it happens to the best of us, in my defence, the look was thematic. Really!

11006102_10206055016477727_1570952058_n3. Wear Maxis with Ballerinas

Ok, this is just a personal pet peeve. Why would you wear maxis with ballerinas? I always feel the look comes off as elderly. Make sandals your best friend. That little strap, makes a difference.

See what I mean????

m4. Just Follow Trends

Ok, we get that trends are cool and they always come and go but not to burst your bubble, not all trends are for you. Someone once said that fashion is what we are given annually and style is what you do with it. Kindly please, find your style. Don’t let trends own you. Leave flat forms for the runway and editorial shoots. That’s just me.

ff5. Kill the Animal Again

We get that animal pint is all the rage. Trust me, I also love it but the thing with prints is less is always more. Just be gentle with the prints. In honour of the animal it represents.


animal6. Be a Walking Billboard

So you love Gucci, Burberry and the likes, and you want people to see just how faithful you are to these brands. Darling, that’s why ads are made and paid for. Even brand ambassadors don’t do that. DON’T OVERDOSE. We don’t need to see you wearing matching outfits of your fave brand from head to toe. No, you may end up looking like a clown. You don’t believe me, see??? You even make it look cheap.


That’s all I have for now, Part 2 will follow soon enough.

Do you agree with these 6? Like I said, these are purely my thoughts but I believe they make sense, fashion sense.

If you have any other #Fashiondont, comment below and we may just feature it in Part 2.

Also, if you’ve been victim to any of these, there’s no shame in confessing :).

Till the next post, keep it #TeamFnD.



Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Google Images.



  1. Victor · July 15, 2015

    “Don’t let tends own you” best advice.

  2. Scott Mitchell · July 15, 2015

    Looking great! I think you and Crystal are monopolizing to take over WCW! 🙂
    Good writeup too by the way

  3. Cara Siskova · July 16, 2015

    Interesting read. Hilarious examples, especially that matchy matchy pic at the end. Ha!

  4. Elle · July 16, 2015

    Coildnt help but laugh as I read this post. Bit I actually do agree with you.

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