EVENT ALERT: Urban Night!

*cough cough* (Sweeping cobwebs)

Yes, I know it’s been that long since I last hosted you to some blog tete-a-tete.

Blame it on my life just being super-busy of late.

I need additional hours to my 24.

That’s why I thought it would be cool to come back with this event alert post so don’t say you were never told.

If you are in Nairobi, you have maybe heard of Urban Night, if not, worry not, I gat ya!


URBAN NIGHT is a themed night event aimed at capturing and displaying the beautiful

cultures in Kenya bringing together fashion designers, artists, performing arts, dancers,

great food etc.

The event is put together by Urban Fusion to achieve the following objectives:

 To create a platform of exposure for urban arts.

 To appreciate and motivate undiscovered artists by providing high quality standards

where they can express and showcase their talent.

 To enhance team bonding and a communal and social culture.

 To appreciate, engage and also get the opportunity to attain feedback or even suggestions from the audience, supporters and community.

It has a theme night setting and this years’ is going to be Snow White, basically an all-white party from decor, to dress-code and everything else. This being the 5th edition, I am more than excited to see the looks you guys are going to pull out on the red-carpet.

Last year’s Masquerades theme was a total success and I bet you don’t want to miss this.

Remember to keep it stylish and start practising your poses coz the papparazzi will be clicking :).

View poster for more deets.

Meanwhile, check out some of the lovely crew:

_MG_8470 as Smart Object-1

_MG_8457 as Smart Object-1

_MG_8056 as Smart Object-1

_MG_8457 as Smart Object-1 _MG_8486 as Smart Object-1

Can you spot me? 🙂

Narcissist much!

I’ll be coming on board as a stylist to the event and sure hope to see you there.

Keep it #FnD.


Photography: Isaiah Maghanga



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