Dear Readers!

Ok that just sounded off :).

Well hallo readers, how you doing?

11304118_10206737284133992_1019602391_nIt’s mid-week already, this time sure does fly. More reason you can’t afford to become lax. Put on your working boots and get to it.

Today’s look is all about the parasol.

Now I know some of you have just gone like para-what???

Yes, p-a-r-a-s-o-l-s, say it slowly with me.

11310914_10206737284173993_1188975548_nDid you know that parasol comes from a combination of two words i.e. para (to shield) and sol (sun). The difference between parasols and umbrellas is that one mainly shields from the sun while the other from the rain. Also, some parasols are not waterproof. #Movingon

11358695_10206737284213994_805931114_nNow that you have the definition part sorted, let me take you back through history.


The parasol came into trend in the 1950s if I remember well. The women in that era used to wear this extra-big hats that proved a problem when it came to balancing. The parasols were then used to provide a balancing act by walking around with them. So inasmuch as they provided shield from the sun, they also aided the ladies when it came to walking. So you see, women have since eons ago just been fond of doing the extraordinary and insane things just to look good.

Get used to it.

I didn’t incorporate a hat in this look instead opted for the fan because hey, if it’s hot weather, then some fanning will definitely be needed.






11329691_10206737283133967_784510009_nTop: Worn Here | Skirt: Worn Here| Shoes: Here

Parasol and Fan: Rael (0722913252)| Jewellery: Pryde Artz

Behind the Lens: Saiba Sehmi



11356308_10206737283933987_1757602684_nDo have a love-filled day!

See ya!




  1. Rachel Nelima · May 27, 2015

    Loving every bit of it.

  2. Linda · May 27, 2015


  3. Mercy · May 27, 2015

    Thanks for informing me ,didn’t know the name to the “chinese umbrella” lol!! cute top

  4. Scott Mitchell · May 27, 2015

    So beautiful and the umbrella prop was a great addition

  5. cynthiamwangi · May 28, 2015

    Beautiful piece. You look fabulous!!

  6. alexisnereah · May 29, 2015


  7. WANJIRU · June 5, 2015

    beautiful jewellery yo!

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