MIXED PRINTS: Organic Fusion

Ever met a person for the first time and for some reason you just hit it off?

In the silence, in the laughter, your bond just seams in well and people can’t help but notice?

This is exactly how I felt with this outfit.

Like you’ve probably heard me say a thousand times, I don’t do pants as much. I feel less dressed in them and just not confident enough plus coz of my body and height, I always tend to look twice as tall in pants, more like someone over-stretched me :). As such, I just steer clear off these pieces unless they are interesting enough. I don’t like plain pants. I love pants with personality, pants that speak for themselves while at the same time fusing with my personal style.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw these pants and soon as I tried them on and looked aside, saw this floral jacket begging me to give it a try. I had to, it would have been mean of me to just ignore such an honest cry of attention. :))


Ohhh! I think the photos just tell how excited I was in this look. I loved how the two prints fused seamlessly giving an organic feel. Like I didn’t even try too hard.

Then the pants material is quite soft to the skin. I promise you these pants made me change my mind a little about wearing pants. Who knows, this might just be the beginning of something new.

This is the perfect #DressdownFridaylook.

Who said dress down has to always be denim pants?

Here you go…





11173692_10206524043923120_1270256639_nPants: Miss Kerre Fashions | Jacket: Miss Kerre Fashions

Top: Thrifted | Heels: Thrifted

Photos: Saiba Sehmi




  1. Scott Mitchell · May 1, 2015

    Beautiful shots and outfit. Love the hair

  2. Linda · May 1, 2015

    Loving the pants..looking awesome!


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