TRENCHED: Convertible Much!

Good Morning!

That you are awake today means that God has been gracious to you, so give the day back to Him and thank Him for it, living it to the fullest.


What do you do when you have to rush to work or that important meeting and you have no idea what to wear or have got little to no time at all?

You get creative.

Yes, you do.

Jump into your favourite trench coat and convert it into a dress.

I will show you how in a little while.

First, let’s walk through history lane and find out the origin of this piece of clothing.

The trench coat was originally an item of clothing for army officers before the First World War adapted for use in the trenches, hence its name. It mainly came in Khaki before newer colour versions were developed.

The veterans coming from the war made this piece of clothing fashionable by holding onto it. Because it was originally worn by army officers, it had a vibe to it and it’s why it can still be worn to the office or meetings..

Now that we are abit informed about this, let’s get in our #TCOTD (trenchcoat of the day), courtesy of Miss Kerre Fashions.

Trust me, the smooth texture of this coat is a testimony of its quality. I love that it comes with a belt which makes it quite handy especially if it feels abit lose on the waist.

I paired it with this double-toned structured bag also from Miss Kerre Fashions and completed my power look with ankle-strap heels from MIMI Online Shop.

I mean, are we slaying this meeting or not?

No one can even tell by looking at you that you had a wardrobe dilemma.

That girls, is the power of creativity.







You can also check out these links here and here to look for more fashionable trench coats to wear independently or layer with other outfits.

Ever worn a trench coat as a dress?

Tag me on Instagram and let me see how you got creative with yours.

Till then, get trenched :).

Photos: #SaibaSehmi




  1. H. E. Lexus · April 2, 2015

    A fun and fantastic idea. Looks great and the heels give a little splash of elegance. Great job. 😉

  2. kalekyemuia · April 9, 2015

    I love love love, one question though, is there anything underneath that dresstrench hehehe:)

    • FitnDiscover · April 9, 2015

      lol! You just had to ask huh? Whatever rocks your boat, good thing is it doesn’t open up so you can wear it plain.

      • kalekyemuia · April 9, 2015

        Hehe it was the first thought that crossed my mind, love the look i hope ill be able to pull it off one day, you can check out some of my work on, have a lovely day:)

      • FitnDiscover · April 9, 2015

        Tag me when you do. You can follow me on IG too–> @fitndiscover. I will def check you out.

      • kalekyemuia · April 9, 2015

        Awsm @kalekyemuia

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