CAVEMAN: Neanderthal Me!

Hey ya!

Trusting your week has started on a banging note.

Been abit busy with stuff last week, from doing a feature shoot for a major local daily, styling for one of the biggest modeling agencies in Kenya to attending the live stream event for the #AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards). I will tell you all about this in a post another day :).


Back to today’s post.

Shooting this was pretty fun and scary at the same time. I kept thinking something will just pop out of the cave and jump on me but my cool photographer Saiba Sehmi made it easy to just do my thing.

Seeing that this was done in a cave and the Neanderthal’s fossils were first found in a cave, I thought it would be a fun twist to title the post as such.

PS: I don’t believe in evolution.

I believe God created man and all living things, and man is totally distinct and unique from other animals. #Moving on 🙂

Anyway, just to bring out the gist of the story, I also played around with the poses to  try and re-enact what I think maybe the creature used to do and add a little tweensy fashion twist to it. As I have always said, I’m not a pants person but when I do them, I love them edgy and fun. This pants were that and more.

I loved the way I could go for a casual look by just wearing cute flats and up the ante abit with heels for that casual chic look. This is definitely a must try look for any of you fashion lovers.





Lace Top: Gikomba | Harem Pants: Becksville Trends

Hat: Gikomba | Earrings: Pryde Artz | Strappy Heels: City Stadium

Makeup: Beryl Gasheri




I also get to introduce Beryl Gasheri on this post who will be a regular here as my makeup person. Go check out her page on the above link and see what she’s about.

What do you think of my ‘Neanderthal’ twist, did I nail it?

Drop me a comment and let me know.

Stay in touch on Instagram too.





  1. His and Hers Daily Grind · March 9, 2015

    Love the harem pants — they have an almost wide-legged look, which is coming back into fashion these days in the States!

    Check out our blog, His and Hers Daily Grind, for fashion tips for working professionals–both business casual looks and off-duty looks–and let us know what you think! Hope to stay in touch 🙂

    • FitnDiscover · March 9, 2015

      Hey, thank you for passing by. I love them too and I will definitely check out your blog.

  2. lotiende · March 10, 2015

    I love this look. Looking awesome Winnie!

    • FitnDiscover · March 10, 2015

      Hey thanks. Been trying to comment on your posts but can’t.

  3. Liz Lizo · March 11, 2015

    Loving those harem pants, also you are such a talented model!

    – Liz

    • FitnDiscover · March 11, 2015

      Hey! Thank you, though I’m not really a model per se :).

  4. Yvonne · March 13, 2015

    I love the model poses! Great outfit right there and the location is awesome! 🙂

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