GREY MATTER: Into the Wild with HelloFood!

A good one to you guys.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

Remember the last post I did on Grey Matter?

Well, this is a sequel to that post.

It is also a sequel to the 80s high-waist look featured here.


fixedOn that grey matter, I went a bit all out in this.

I featured three trends that were so in-sync and weaved nicely into each other. Think metallic, stripes and tie and dye. Less is always much but when it come to fashion, the idea is to have fun with it and step out of the conformists’ box. If it works, go ahead and rock it. Just be sure it does.

Unfortunately, there was a little mess up in the outfit.

The peplum top I wore kept moving up without my knowledge interfering with the look. That is a lesson to never forget to look at the photos being taken to ensure they are what you want. #MovingOn

I’m sure you are wondering what the heck Hellofood is?

Let me explain it with an illustration.

Picture this, it’s early morning Feb.14th, you are wondering how you are going to treat that special someone differently or even just pamper yourself if you are single. You don’t want to cook neither do you want to go out. In that state of dilemma, bingo, a thought just comes in, online food delivery. What better way to make the restaurant come to you if you don’t want to go to it. This is like having your personal chef on call. All you need to do is to go to the site or app, check out the myriad of fancy restaurants and different cuisines they have to offer from Indian, Chinese, fast foods to Kenyan dishes, make your order, and within the hour, magic has happened.


It is as simple as that. What’s even more cool is that you get to pay for your food upon delivery.

How awesome is that?

This is how technology and food merge to make us foodies have an easy time, giving convenience, fun, reliability and food adventure a whole new meaning.

 Lucia Musau in conjunction with Hellofood couldn’t have a better idea when coming up with the  Bloggers Valentine Giveaway.

The main thing I feel needs to reviewed about Hellofood, is their app.

Ever since I knew about them, a few years back, the app has been quite a hassle. I find its User Interface abit clunky and skeuomorphic. A more flatter design would make it smoother, efficient and more visually appealing.

As for Lucia Musau, I already love what she does and like hundreds of her readers, I think more hair and skin regimen posts would be appreciated. I also think since she is a reader and me being an avid reader too, it would be nice for her to incorporate a book review segment on her blog. She does something similar to this on Instagram, but how about giving it life in the blog.

Enough for today, let’s go to the photos :).

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Pants: StyleMeFamor | Heels: Dune | Top: Thrifted | Sweater: Atmosphere | Sunnies: CBD

Photo Creds: Saiba Sehmi


Till the next post, have a good one.





  1. Qui TheHeiress · February 10, 2015


  2. Emilly moraa · February 11, 2015

    Lovely outfit and the scene too

    • FitnDiscover · February 11, 2015

      Thank you, and thank you for passing by :).

  3. Almasi · February 13, 2015

    Now this I love ……amazing pictures you look yummy …..

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