Good evening folks!

Welcome back.

Yes, I did miss you, apologies for being away for close to two months, I’m back now.

Waiting to see how this journey will go this new year and hoping to serve you even better and engage with you on matters that affect us both. Last year was awesome, I can only imagine what this year holds. #MovingOn

2015 started just the other day and now we are almost closing down on the first month, time sure does fly.

Alas, my first post for the year, and no, it’s not an outfit post. I am here to talk about this subject we call size.

So what’s in a size?

Does the thickness of the flesh make the woman less attractive or does the thinness of it makes her more beautiful?

While we are at it, let me ask, who defines beauty? Who sets down the rules of beauty? What happens to those who don’t live up to these societal standards?

this is meI think we have become so shallow-minded and insensitive when it comes to the issue of size forgetting that just like everything, diversity is the spice of life. We cannot all be skinny/petite and we can’t all be curvy. The issue is not about what size you are but rather can you handle it? Are you healthy? Are you confident in your skin? Don’t let anyone put you down because of the size of your waistline.

quoteIt is with this in mind that the team at Plus Fabulosity have come up with this event ……….

ppppStaying true to their beliefs as a voice to the plus-size community, Plus Fabulosity is giving a chance to interested models to participate in this one of a kind EXCLUSIVE PLUS MODEL AUDITIONS to be held on 31 January 2015 at the Secrets Lounge, Nairobi.


Must be Plus Size (Size 14 and above).

Audition fee is 700/= in advance and 1,000/= for desk registration. All payments should be made via LIPA NA MPESA Till Number 802409.

Kindly call us on +254707566198 or email us on

Auditions will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis

If you or anyone you know fits into this criteria, this is your time to shine. Your time to stand up for what you believe is still beauty despite society’s contrary thinking. Your time to interact with like-minded people for a chance to spread the ‘Plus Size’ love. Tell a friend to tell a friend, that Plus Fabulosity is looking for them.

This year, embrace your curves and be more. God calls you beautiful, let no man say otherwise. Your identity in Him is rock solid, don’t be swayed by mediocre thinking. Go slay.

picccThe fabulous team awaits you :).


Part of the Plus Fabulousity Team

If you want to know more about them, check out their website.

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Keep it real :).



PS: Some photos courtesy of Pinterest



  1. Toby · January 13, 2015

    great post! pop by my blog

  2. rosata · January 13, 2015

    am very proud of this..kudos. Am very short do i still qualify

    • FitnDiscover · January 13, 2015

      Yes you do. Just take the step, the rest will follow. Spread the word 🙂

    • FitnDiscover · January 13, 2015

      Yes you do. Take the step, the rest will follow. Spread the word :).

  3. grace · January 30, 2015

    Love the idea!!!! would like to work with plus size ladies on image, wardrobe development, etiquette etc. My org is called ELLEANES IMAGE CONSULTANCY. contact 0726 994 359.
    Willing to partner!


    Grace Injenr

    • FitnDiscover · January 30, 2015

      Hey, thank you. You can come tomorrow for the auditions and introduce yourself.

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