#POSTALERT: Demistifying Fashion Styling


We take a look at what really is the business of fashion styling.

Read on.


Hi, I’m Winnie. I’m a fashion stylist. They should form a Fashion Stylists Anonymous group, but wait, it won’t work because you see, we have been anonymous for so long. We have been hidden in our cocoons for way too long. Well, the time for us to come out has come and come out, we will.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Fashion Stylist?’ Glitz, glamour, or no clue at all. Rest easy, I’ll break it down to you in a bit. First things first, let me share with you my brief history in the fashion industry. I started off by selling fashion items on-line, my loyal followers would know (I can’t thank you more). Then at the start of the year I metamorphosed into a fully fledged fashion stylist. It has been an interesting journey, with many faces and many phases filled with love, inspiration…

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