MINIMALIST: Modani Inspired!


Good evening!

I hope you are keeping warm if you are in this side of the Sahara.

I almost feel old just by looking at these pics, not to worry though, I did the shoot on a sunny day.

Remember Modani?

I talked about them here.

Today I come back with something else from them.


I love the minimalist nature of these furniture pieces.

From the comfortable Bergamo-Grey sofa, to the simple Caterina glass coffee table, the chic silver stool that kinda looks like a suitcase, to the lapsia vase, boden floor lamp, venetto over-sized mirror and the classic suitcase which all add up as the perfect house accessories. Nothing screams class and style like this combo.

It symbolises a person who is confident in their own skin and doesn’t need much clutter to show their worth.

Modani are definitely worth checking out when it comes to interior decor.


It is in the spirit of this minimalist outlook that I also have this look.


Sometimes, most times, little is much.

We tend to always love to overdress or have on so many accessories that steal from the genera look when we could have sealed the deal with just simple pieces.


You may probably remember this skirt from this previous post.



As usual, much thanks to my photographer Shira of Klensed, watch out for his soon to be launched blog.





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  2. allyarchie · November 22, 2014

    i love the look… i have just dicoverd your blog
    you can check out mine

  3. dotzoey · December 11, 2014

    I love this look.simple but still great.

  4. dotzoey · December 11, 2014

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