Get The Look: Modani Meets Fashion!

IMG_4858Good Morning!

After being away for a whole week due to a sinusitis attack, glad to say, ‘I’m baack.’

This week, I will divert from my usual style of posting and go a different but fun way.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Introducing Modani.


I know you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Modani is a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture at very affordable prices. With stores in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago, Modani has designed award winning collections of modern sofas, bedroom, dining room and outdoor furniture.

Today I take a look at some of what they offer for the office lounge.

Ever gone to an office for a meeting or interview and you have to sit and wait for quite a while before you are called in, in rather uncomfortable seats and the floor rugs or carpets are worn out, and you are left wondering what exactly you are doing there? Well, here’s where Modani comes in.


They have unique furniture items suitable for that perfect office finish to give it the prim and professional look it deserves while still maintaining a touch of class and style. This Savina lounge chair and Caterina glass coffee table with Mateo-pwter soft rug combines a touch of masculinity and femininity elegance to give your guests a nice feel when they step in to your office.

IMG_4884Be sure to check out their Modern Furniture Stores some of which you can take a virtual tour of.

On the same note, you can also get the above outfit look at a discounted rate of only Kshs.1200 minus the accessories :).

Skirt fits waist size 8.

Tell me what you think of today’s feature.

Follow the blog to see what else I have in store from Modani.

Photo Creds: Klensed





  1. chkiarie · November 18, 2014

    You look amazing sweety. Keep it up.

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