COCKTAIL: Let’s Make Some!

Hello November!

Trusting all my readers are safe and well.

A lot has been happening world wide, mostly negative things, and my country hasn’t been spared that either. Insecurity, fear, disease, death and famine has hit some areas in my country. You turn on the TV and it’s all sad and gloomy and that’s why I thought of doing a symbolic post to what is happening.


In the midst of every sadness and negativity, there is some good. Sometimes the bad hits us so hard that we think it’s the only thing that exists. But if you were to look around, then you will see all the good happening around you. Not to be unrealistic or an escapist, but what if for every bad we hear and/or see, we counter it with the good. Let’s make a cocktail of everything good that’s happening around us and spread some cheer.

IMG_4820Let’s colour the world bright and brighten the gloomy faces, strengthen the weak souls and encourage the faint-hearted. Let’s make a cocktail of happiness. Let’s find some joy in the sadness, hope in the discouragement and a smile in the tears. Let’s do it.


IMG_4802Let’s spread some love and then some.


Who wants a drink?



Photo Creds: Klensed


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