GARDEN VARIETY: Floral Scents!

Good afternoon my peoples!

Let me start by posing a question, if you were to be a flower, which one would you be and why?


See, we are all flowers in a garden, each with its own unique look and exuding different scents. Many a time, we want to be like the next flower not understanding the processes involved in its making and simultaneously, under-valuing yourself. The bougainvillea is beautiful but it has its season. If we all want to be like each other, then it means, there are many seasons where people will be denied of the beauty of a particular flower and their scents. 

The world is like a garden, that has a variety of flowers. Sprout, bloom, be you.

Don’t deny the world your beautiful aroma.

Here’s me doing just that.

Enjoy 🙂

IMG_0247IMG_0175IMG_0185IMG_0197A big thank you to my photographer Shira of Klensed who was celebrating his birthday yesterday. How about you give him a birthday gift of going to his page and liking it, yes? 🙂

In the meantime, you have a question to answer in the comment section.

Which flower are you, why and do you think you’ve been faithful with your scent?

Till next time, let’s connect more on Twitter, Instagram and Lookbook.

Love you guys.




  1. wahito waithaka · October 21, 2014

    The photography is so on point, so is the red red skirt.u look absolutely divine.

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