HIP-HOP FLOW: My Little Denim Wedding!

Good afternoon!

Yes, I attended a wedding. No, it wasn’t mine.

You don’t think I’d get hitched and not tell you guys!!! Anyway, I missed you all, hope you guys have been well. Let me go straight to the post. On October 4th I witnessed the nuptials of two of my good friends, Daniel and Jasmine. This was a highly anticipated wedding and trust me, it didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, it had a dress-code. We had to come dressed in semi-casual wear and it only made sense for us to do so since it was a Hip-hop wedding. Even the bridal party were all in converses ready to bust a move once the DJ did his thing.


I was going for a feminine tomboy look but I was unable to get one and time was of essence as I went shopping for an outfit on the eve of the wedding. What I got though, was as semi-casual as I could go. Ohhh, I almost fell over with joy when I first saw the dress. I normally can tell whether a dress will fit me or not just by looking at it, but still I had to try it on. I didn’t want any surprises.

A zipped up,black denim dress is what I got. I loved how I could wear it zipped up to the top or slightly unzipped. Plus, I can also wear it as a trench coat, how cool is that? My Facebook pal, Nancy Mwangi was curious to know what I wore to the wedding and I told her I would honour her with this outfit post so here it is :).

I can’t forget to mention the guys I shared a table with that just made me have the time of my life – Shira my photographer, Shee, Dennis, Juma, Paulyn, Don, Alice, Becky and Zack. I hope I have not forgotten any one.

Check out the outfit pics and tell me if it was Hit or Miss!



IMG_0162IMG_0156I took the photos on a different day and changed some few stuff. On the wedding I was wearing yellow peep-toes with a black clutch bag with gold details. 

Do enjoy the rest of your day and keep the comments coming.

As always, a big thank you to Klensed for the photos.




  1. theveon · October 14, 2014

    Bumped into the wedding party taking photos at The Pawa254 garden that evening, they looked smashing; I wanted all their shoes

  2. RebeccaBecky · October 17, 2014

    It was great meeting you at that Cool Hip- Hop wedding!!!!!!

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