FitnDiscover|Style Feature: Curvy Transitions!

Ever had those days when you have 1001 things to do, all requiring different looks and you are wondering how you are going to split yourself? This post is dedicated to that.

Before that, see how we dressed Ms.Curvy last time.

Look 1: Running Errands

So you have to be up n’ about running from one corner of the street to another and the only thing you can think of is comfort, comfort, comfort. Get your fave pair of jeans, pair them with a stylish top, why, just because you are running errands doesn’t mean you have to look drab. Pair them with flats, they can be converse, sandals, or whatever your preference, a hat (optional) and hit the road.


Look 2: Work Meeting

So you probably had borrowed permission to step out for a few hours and come back in time for that crucial afternoon meeting. No one needs to know how tired you are and how casual you were in the morn. Step into the board-room with this fancy office-wear and look like you didn’t even try hard to look good. 

IMG_0188 Look 3: Dinner Date

After Yours Truly heard how much of a busy day you had, he offers to take you out for dinner to unwind and just have some special 101 time. Here’s what you can change into:

black dressThere you go, you have no excuse to look shabby. Employ the looks adding your own twist and win any day.

Model – Deedee Murigi

Outfits – Becksville Trends

Stylist – Winnie Odande

Photo Creds – Hiram

Which is your favourite look and do you think these looks make sense? I’d love to read your comments.



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