FitnDiscover|Park Series: Studded Prints!

Happy New Week!

What do you get when you mix prints and studs, answer, total awesomeness.


Ever been to a store then you see something that you know and you know that you gotta have and if it doesn’t fit you will make it work? Yea, that was me with this jumpsuit. I thought it looked slightly big on me yet I really loved it, and knew I could werk it. So after days of dismissing it, this day I finally got around to taking it.

Thank you Becksville Trends :). Y’all know how to make a lady happy.

Boy, wasn’t that the coolest decision of the week! I love jumpsuits. There’s just something about them, my aim is to get various colours and just play around with them. I will not tire of this trend. The best thing about this jumpsuit is you can actually go to work with it. How cool is that? All you need is to pair it with a nice blazer/coat of your choice, button it up, and voila, you have a killer outfit for the office. All you’ll need is a pair of heels to take over the world.

Here goes….



If your memory hasn’t failed you, you may remember I wore this studded coat last week as shown here.

Because of the nature of the jumpsuit, it’s halter neck, accessorising it is quite simple. All I needed was a pair of earrings, a coloured belt and shoes to match and that was it.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Oh, and Shira of Klensed is back.

If you are a jumpsuit sucker like me, let me know. We may just form a union :).

Stay safe.



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