FitnDiscover| Style Feature: Wairimu Murigi – Office Savvy!

True beauty comes from the soul, to change yourself and to conform to anyone else’s standard of beauty is to change your essence. Own who you are and you become a truly powerful woman.

Ali Tate

Most often than not, we are never comfortable with our bodies. Either we’ll be longing for something more or wanting to get rid of something. Exercise can only go so far, and sometimes being disciplined enough to see it through is an issue. So what happens to the rest of us who are not petite? What happens to the rest of us who according to media, aren’t beautiful because of our body size. Slim isn’t better than curvy, neither is curvy better than slim. Your body is perfect for who you are and what you are. Eat healthy, exercise but don’t kill yourself trying to look like someone else.

Today I feature Deedee Murigi, blogger at The Way I see It, who has embraced her curves and is not necessarily flaunting it rather letting people know that curvy is just as beautiful and there are ways to dress it. Here’s a look that hopefully some of you can cope.  Throw in a coat and you are good for the office. For a night out or an evening with Yours , you just need to ditch the coat and you have a whole new look.

Here’s to confidence!


IMG_9757IMG_9792Feel free to share your thoughts on body size, this look and the outfit.

Body-con dress courtesy of Becksville Trends and photography by Hiram.

Enjoy your week.




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  2. mossy · January 27, 2015

    Worderful start Gal…Cograt n wanna support u ..

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