FitnDiscover|Vanity Fair: Cheap Thrills

A lovely Friday to all!

It’s not every day that you see yourself in the press, and not everyday that you see yourself in the press 72hrs apart and you are not a show host or anything.

So on Tuesday while watching KTN E-Curve, an entertainment show, I spotted myself on the show being chosen as one of the #stylestars for the week. That was quite exciting.

Here is a picture of what I had worn….


Then yesterday, Thursday, I see myself on the local dailies, The Star. I didn’t even have the paper, somebody showed me the photo. It was a recap of the Nairobi Elegance Affair organised by the Bow-tie Events as I told you here, here and here.

IMG_20140912_114117They say a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a step. I’d like to think I’m making those steps.

Like I always say, baby steps are still steps, so don’t despise your humble beginnings. They are your story, your journey.

Chronicle them so you never forget, and when you reach your destination, take a breather, enjoy the fresh air, and keep walking.

Happy weekend!



  1. Molly ( · September 14, 2014

    Nice message 🙂

    • FitnDiscover · September 15, 2014

      Thank you Molly, and thanks for passing by :).

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