FitnDiscover|Event Recap: Nairobi Elegance Affair

Ahoy my minions! 🙂

What do you get when you mix art, planning, creativity and fashion – an elegant affair.

Yes, that is what was happening this past weekend as I had previously told you here.

It finally went down, and trust fashion enthusiasts, designers, models and organisers not to disappoint.


I especially loved the vintage/grunge effect the show had by the fact that it was at Nairobi Railway Museum. The locomotives provided an interesting get-up for the event and attendees made sure they utilised them to the core.

I was also impressed by the fact that most of the designers were new faces and you could clearly see they had put a lot of effort in their designs, telling stories with the beautiful pieces and one can only hope for better things as they progress.

What’s more, it was also the C.E.O.’S – Wesley Owiti, birthday and what better way to celebrate it than this!

Here are some photos from the event:


    Mr. C.E.O.

10628511_685962711489918_1067237483844229157_n10629849_685954764824046_351537583589018515_n10649765_685954904824032_2334872889526299703_n10557249_685954564824066_6907000936044177075_n10600478_685964728156383_3106074365823145195_n1907452_685954681490721_958652552130822252_n10446582_685951051491084_5759274884309458079_n10376148_685962858156570_2590764509592393321_n1610790_685970154822507_5053720384444205665_nNext, I will show you what I wore to the event.

For more pics of the event, follow this link.

Stay safe.



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