FitnDiscover|Outfits: KNITTED TUCKS!

Hallo Minions!

I’m not an animation fanatic but this name right here always jazzes me.

Did you know….oh I’ve always wanted to start a blog post like that :).

Now did you know, that you can actually tuck in knits and not look shady?

Let me show you how.



IMG_3153IMG_3154All items are thrifted, can you believe that? Always learn to work with what you have.

You can make 50box look like a million dollars if only you know how.

Enjoy your Wednesday.




  1. lemaloisrunway · August 28, 2014

    I looove the shoes!
    This blog post is simply, modesty exemplified!

  2. ChezMaureen · September 1, 2014

    Thats a gorge look, love the skirt

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