FitnDiscover: What’s in Your Bag?


Do you agree? 

From Hermes, to Chanel, to Gucci, we can never run short of handbags.

But really, what is in your handbag?

What are the essentials you must ALWAYS carry in your favourite designer bag?

Here are those that rank top for me:



A little lip-stick never hurt anyone. You’d be surprised how much a dash of lipstick can change your whole outlook. On a bad day, whether bad work-day or hair day, there is always lip-stick. Or those impromptu meetings and dates that usually pop up, a little lip-stick can save the day. Find out what works for you and make sure you carry it with you in your bag, you never know when you may need it.



If you are the conservative type and lip-stick is just a No-No for you, worry not, lip gloss was invented just for you. What’s more, we even have coloured lip glosses that can give the illusion you have applied lipstick but still make you feel comfortable. Depending on what you like, lip glosses are either matte or glossy. You can opt for the matte look in the office and switch to glossy when stepping out, or for an evening out with the girls.



I never leave the house without these two because things can just get all messy in an instant and you have no cover. No matter how well you have done your brows and eyes, always carry these tools of trade, contingency plan.



Our skin tends to dry up alot during the cold season,having a moisturising lotion by your side can help you avoid some pretty awful embarrassing moments. Plus, at some point or another, you will find yourself using the bathroom, where you will have to wash your hands and use a lotion thereafter. 


Photo Credit: Joanna Bourne

Photo Credit: Joanna Bourne

If there’s one part of our body that has a brain of its own, it should be the hair. To tame any unruliness that may arise from a bad/harsh weather or an avoidable hair incident, carrying a comb/brush would save you a lot of headache. Bobby pins will be useful in holding the hair in place.



I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I never leave the house without these items. I used to even carry a pair of scissors. Accidents happen, and the only thing between you and salvation would be this needle and thread. If you don’t yet, go get a roll of black thread and a needle and tuck it nicely inside one of your bag compartments coz’ trust me, one day you’ll need them.



Will all the honest ladies please stand up? We all love heels, at least most of us. Unfortunately, they are not always the most comfortable of shoes to walk in. This makes us to always have a pair of sandals or flats in the bag just in case we get to the point where heels no longer make sense. If you don’t want to walk in town looking like you are inventing some new dance move, I would advise you to start doing this. The feet can only take so much.

What do you make of my list? Do I make sense or not? 

What else is an essential for you and how do you go about it?

Feel free to comment below, or share with me via Twitter, Instagram or Bloglovin.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you.

Happy Thursday!



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