FitnDiscover|Event Review: Rewrite the Rules

Ever heard of the term “Like a girl?”

What emotions are evoked in you when you hear that statement?

Well, we want to #RewritetheRules on what being #LikeAGirl is.

I talk #likeagirl, eat #likeagirl, walk #likeagirl, win #likeagirl. You know why, cause’ I’m a girl and there’s nothing wrong with doing things the way I’m wired to. Being like a girl, is no longer an insult but proof that we are different and that you can see the difference therein that you have to call it out.

Does different mean queer? Not at all.

This is what we were going about last Thursday at Le Palanka, Nairobi. The Always #LikeAGirl campaign launch dinner went down with a number of local fashion bloggers and media representatives gracing the event. Its main purpose was to get the discussion rolling on the challenges facing young adolescent girls, and to provide them with a platform where they can speak up about the issues they go through from the age of puberty going forth. It was agreed that young girls need mentorship as they go through this challenging period in their life, what with the periods, zits, hormonal imbalance, name it. I mean, don’t you wish you had someone to talk to? That’s what the #likeagirl campaign is about, holding each other as we walk, like girls.

Here’s a pictorial highlight of the day:




Watching the #LikeAGirl video


Advice from one who’s gone before us


Dining & Wining

Njoki and Karen Kay

Karen Kay & Silvia Njoki

Vonnette and Lucia

Vonnete and Lucia


Grace & Franscica (Bloggers)

Deedee and I (Bloggers)


Sharing my Experience


Carole & Juelz John of Glamourzone

Mumbi Shokey

Mumbi Shokey

Rachel n Dela

Dela & Rachel of Homeboyz Radio

Catherine Gatheca

Catherine Gacetha


Angela Ndegwa & Abigail Arunga



Lulu Saidi

Lulu Said (Emcee)

This was just the beginning. Let’s not stop the conversation. Let’s hold up our younger sisters and show them what it means to be like a girl and proudly so. Feel free to share your #likeagirl experiences and how you got through them, or even what you would love to tell a younger you.

Do have a lovely week.




  1. Mumbi Shokey ( · August 11, 2014

    A to the men!!!Girlpower:)

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