GUEST BLOGGER: Connie Aluoch

Happy Friday! It’s that time of the week again.

I know it took me a while to continue with this post, Demistifying Fashion Styling, my apologies. Anyway,I have none other than the style guru herself to give us tips on just how you can enter into the business of fashion styling.


If you live in Kenya and know your fashion well, I bet Connie Aluoch needs no introduction. The Founder and Lead Stylist of Connie Aluoch Styling Management, she gives us some useful tips that could guide us, fashion stylists, in this business.

On how to get into the business of fashion styling, Connie has these words of advice:

. Intern for an established Fashion Stylist.

. Work for Fashion Editors in magazines.

. Network with people in the Fashion Industry.

. Pursuing an Image Consultancy or Styling Course.

Clearly from the above we see that passion is just the first step, you must do any and everything to sharpen your skills if you are going to have a competitive edge.

Secondly, we were to look at the different areas of wardrobe styling. Many stylists still haven’t curved a niche for themselves, others don’t even know where they fall. This here will guide you on that:

.  Styling for magazines.

. Personal shopping for clients.

.  Style and Image Training for organisations and corporates.

.  Working in Wardrobe Departments on Production and Advertising Sets.

. Fashion Blogging.

. Visual Merchandising and Styling for retail outlets.

I bet some of you didn’t know that fashion blogging is a category of fashion styling. Well, now you know.

Put these into practice and be excellent in what you do.

If you have any question or  comment, kindly post below and we will do our best to help you.

We can continue the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Let’s make this informative and interactive.

Enjoy your weekend.


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