FitnDiscover: Hats Off

I know this post is coming so late in the day, but hey, such is life, things always don’t go the way we plan them. That aside, I trust your week has started well.

My Monday was pretty busy, had to wake up early to do some personal shopping for a few clients. The items they needed were hats.


Hats are the perfect way to make a subtle statement on any occasion without having to struggle. They are perfect for the sunny weather or for weddings or fun weekend events.

With the sunny season round the corner, now is the perfect time to start stocking some.

Here are some of the hats I got;







Feeling like MJ 🙂

The other reason I love these big hats is that they shout elegance, class and style, which is a quite important element in dressing. Furthermore, unlike the usual caps, they go well with all face types so you need not shy away from them.

Next time you have an outfit and are wondering what to add on to make it a stand-out, how about you get yourself a hat?

Would love to read your thoughts on the same, are they a Hit or Miss?

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Happy Tuesday!



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