I was so happy to be invited to guest blog for FitnDiscover!

A beautiful lady with lovely style and spirit!

When asked to write about FAFA I was more than delighted! FAFA is a wonderful event celebrating Kenya and Africa’s diversity of artists while addressing the artistic and humane needs throughout the country.


Thank you Winnie for the kind invitation ❤


Let’s take a look at a Spotlight Designershowcasing at the gala and fashion show and learn more of what FAFA is all about!


~ ~ ~


“FAFA aims to change perceptions … one mind at a time by exploring and bridging cultures through fashion and art …”


The Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) is an event stemming from Fashion for Peace, which was born from the belief that “positive change can come when we stop focusing on the negative and encourage the positive and the inspiring, working together as different cultures in a spirit of harmony”.Each year, the proceeds are donated to a specific NGO in need. This year’s gala proceeds will go to the charity Seed of Hope in South Sudan.


RiRiJewellery was founded by NjuhiChege, its lead designer – as an artistic and creative ode to Kenya.
Njuhi’s love and fascination with the creation of jewelry began at a young age, through her mother’s endlessly alluring (and forbidden!) jewelry box, and from the maasai and craft markets her mother whisked her away to, to encourage her creative interests – and of course distract her from her own jewelry!


From these early beginnings, Njuhi’s love and interest of the arts grew alongside her passion for social and economic development, rooted in her love and adoration for Kenya’s diverse population and possibilities. While participating in numerous fashion events through creating unique, quality and sustainable jewelry, Njuhi somehow found time to receive an M.A. in International Peace Studies, consult for the United Nations and serve as a Peer Educator in Cameroon- to name just a few of her accolades.


In addition to creating uniquely striking and eclectic pieces that celebrate the beauty and diversity of Kenyan fashion, Njuhi still finds time for not only giving back, but paying it forward through social enterprise. Through her successes she continues to work towards creating opportunities for others to pursue their own creative and entrepreneurial passions while working through social and cultural barriers. RiRiJewellery works with young artisans from Mathare and Kibera in an effort to create opportunities for self-sufficiency and inter-ethnic cooperation. Her work in this aspect of social enterprise can be felt on artistic, developmental and social platforms – quite a feat, and ever more impressive is the fact that Njuhi continues to do so with grace and leadership.


Cheers to Njuhi and wishing RiRiJewellery a wonderful FAFA 2014!


~For more exciting designers and projects check out ~
~AurumEve.com or @AurumEve on Instagram~


All images courtesy of RiRiJewellery.


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