The Fashion for Peace Gala 2014 is slated for this weekend, on Saturday 31st at the Oval Rooftop, Westlands. Read more about it here. This will probably be the biggest and most glamorous fashion event of the year with locally reknown designers gracing the runway with their collections and a few others from the region. As expected, everyone is geared up for it with designers doing last minute touch-ups of their collections and all fashion enthusiasts shopping around for outfits to wear. But what exactly should one wear at a Red Carpet event?

We’ve seen the Oscars and the Golden Globes Awards where celebrities have been putting their best foot forward for fear of being listed in the ‘Worst Dressed Category.’ Stylists have been having an uphill tasks of ensuring their clients achieve the best look by liaising with designers to get the best fit for them. This years’ Fashion for Peace Gala is dedicated to South Sudan with an emphasis on African fashion in an effort to create awareness on the local brands available and to encourage people to buy Kenya and wear Kenya.

With all these in mind, we have a clue as to what to wear to this weekend’s fashion gala. For designers, this would be a good opportunity for product placement on the red carpet. Having a dress featured on the red carpet, particularly one that attracts media attention, is very important to a designer, with Carmen Marc Valvo saying in 2000:

“The dollar return of having some celebrity shot in your dress is worth a fortune, more than a five-page spread in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar that only appears once. That same image can be blasted repeatedly in newspapers and magazines across the country and around the world. That is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Attendees can also find out the designers that will be featured on the gala night and order their wearables or ready-to-wear outfits for the red carpet. Alternatively, in conjunction with your designer, you can have them come up with something glam and elegant for the red carpet. If you have no idea where to start, this is a good time to enlist the services of a fashion stylist, like me :). Remember the red carpet is the place where you go all out, step out in style and remember to walk with your head up high. No jeans. Strictly, no jeans.

I leave you with some photos of dresses/gowns at past red carpet events worldwide that would visualise what I’m talking about and hopefully guide you too.










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