#POSTALERT: Denim Bluez

Happy Monday fashion lovers!

Cheer up! Mondays don’t always have to be blue. Today I’m getting right to the point :). My #ootd was a faded denim shirt and a high-waisted checked skirt.

I bought this skirt like a month or two ago but have never worn it. So when an opportunity to wear it arose, i.e. after changing my mind on what I had originally planned to wear, I grabbed it. The denim shirt on the other hand was formerly a dress, yea, I know. Ever bought something then when you get home you wonder what the hell you saw in it? That’s how I felt with this dress. I only wore it once before cutting the top part last week and turning it into a shirt. Here’s a pic of how the dress looked like;



It wasn’t really bad but it just didn’t do it for me. To make the outfit stand out I accessorised with a gold statement necklace and Ankara inspired shoes. Now for the full outfit;







And that was my Sunday look. Do have yourselves an awesome week.



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