#POSTALERT: Demistifying Fashion Styling

Hi, I’m Winnie. I’m a fashion stylist. They should form a Fashion Stylists Anonymous group, but wait, it won’t work because you see, we have been anonymous for so long. We have been hidden in our cocoons for way too long. Well, the time for us to come out has come and come out, we will.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Fashion Stylist?’ Glitz, glamour, or no clue at all. Rest easy, I’ll break it down to you in a bit. First things first, let me share with you my brief history in the fashion industry. I started off by selling fashion items on-line, my loyal followers would know (I can’t thank you more). Then at the start of the year I metamorphosed into a fully fledged fashion stylist. It has been an interesting journey, with many faces and many phases filled with love, inspiration and growth. More about that, I’ll leave for another day.

Back to our topic – fashion styling. Picture this, a major event is going down in town. It could be a fashion event, an awards event or anything big you can think of. Expectedly, a flurry of A-List guests fill the red carpet, each looking glam in their own unique way. Or another scenario, you know that news anchor or public figure whose outfits you always ogle over, guess who is behind it all? Yes, the fashion stylist. The person who adds spice into your daily viewing. The person who makes you want to buy that magazine because of the fashion editorial. The person who makes that music video stand out as a result of the smooth combination of outfits to blend with the theme of the song. It is the fashion stylist who is behind the outfitting of the casts in the print and/or television advertising campaigns.

Away from the limelight, a wardrobe stylist can go to a client’s home and help edit their wardrobe, guiding them on which outfits to keep and which ones to give away. They can also go on shopping excursions with their clients and help them pick out new clothes, all at a fee.

We cannot do away with the services of a fashion/wardrobe stylist. Be it for individuals, corporates, celebrities, models and/or public figures. There is a high level of ineptitude amongst most people when it comes to matters fashion. The few who are skilled either don’t have the time to source for fashion pieces, or don’t know exactly where to start. And that’s where the fashion stylist comes in, to act as a bridge between the client and the fashion need.


1. Do you know any fashion stylists in your area?
2. Have you ever needed or used the services of a fashion stylist?
3. Do you think fashion stylists are an invaluable asset?
I would love to read your thoughts on this.
Next time we take a look at the different areas of wardrobe styling and just how to get into the business.




  1. Bimbo · March 31, 2014

    Tanx Winnie love your piece, you have summed it all up.

  2. FitnDiscover · November 26, 2014

    Reblogged this on fitndiscover and commented:


    We take a look at what really is the business of fashion styling.

    Read on.

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