Since we are in the business of fashion. It’s good for us to have a little bit of background info. on the fashion icons we have. Today we start with Vera Wang.

If Vera Wang had made the 1968 U.S. Olympic figure-skating team, she might not have revolutionized the bridal industry. While in high school, she competed at the 1968 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, placing fifth with her partner James Stuart in the junior pairs division. When her Olympic dreams failed, she decided to pursue fashion. After graduating from college, she worked at Vogue, and says all she did her first year was Xerox. Wang worked her way up to senior fashion editor, but was passed over for the editor-in-chief position. She left Vogue to be a design director for Ralph Lauren.

In 1989, Wang became engaged to Arthur Becker. Frustrated by the selection of bridal wear, she designed her own gown. The following year, she opened her own bridal boutique in the upscale Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York City. Today the Vera Wang brand includes bridal, ready-to- wear, publishing, fragrance, beauty, accessories, and home decor. She has also won the ‘US Glamour Award for Woman of the Year.’

Wang says in Cosmogirl! Secrets of Success: 38 Leaders Tell You How to Achieve Your Dreams:

“For me the idea that I could always do better, learn more, learn faster, is something that came from skating. But I carried that with me for the rest of my life.”

There you go. :))



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