White, you can never go wrong with white.

White speaks of a bold and confident personality. It brings out the shine in you. They say it’s the colour of purity but I know what else it represents, HEADACHE.

The headache of making sure that no stain dares leave its mark on you. Oh how much of an herculean task this is. Below are white ensembles for different occasions, don’t fear being caught in any:

1. White has never looked innocent and cute than in a long and flowy dress, suitable for the summer (hot) weather, weekends or when you want to be casual with a hint of elegance.

Image2. For an evening out with friends, rock this white pants with suspenders to add some spice to the outfit.Image3. Get the street style look with this, suitable for weekend events or when you are just going about with your errands but want to look stylish.ImageImage

4. Power to  the woman: Wear this for that ‘boss lady’ kinda feel.


5. ….and finally, for the lady who never likes playing it safe, the b-baller, the unpredictable kind, this is for you.


There you go, let’s whiten up the world. 🙂


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